Tuesday, 29 July 2014



now carl jenkinson is wanted a host of clubs and according to reports west ham seems to be the favourites . now if i was to be asked i think that he should be going to sunderland . the reason is their manager  . gus poyet will transform him from a prospect to a good player . the work done by gus poyet on many a players is already evident last season . just at the example of marcos alonso . this player was in oblivion for quite . the last that i saw of him was playing from bolton . but after his performances from last season he has many a suitors . the second reason why is that sunderland are playing the same style that arsenal play the one jnkinson is used to playing for the last 2 years . it would  be better that he joins sunderland that any other club . swansea play the same style but they have an established right back . 
now chambers has joined from southampton to arsenal . wenger wants him to make a centre back out of him like tony adams who could pass ball out of back . to be honest after looking at jenkinson i always thought that he should had been asked to play at the back . he has good height and pace and could be one of the best defenders around if puts his heart into it . ramos has done that .