Tuesday, 9 September 2014

is cahill dependable .

i really dont know but there are some idiot writers on this site who should be replaced and the writer of the post is one of that . cahill was twice guilty yesterday of playing the opposition player on side . first time when there was collision between jones and sefarovic . when jones tried to play sfarovic offside . cahill played him on. he should had been vocal to jones whether he needs to play him up or stay back or defend him depending on his position which he was not . secondly again he played sefarovic on off which hart made a good save . for me in that back four cahill is the weak link . he cannot pass the ball out of back . even if he passes he passes to player who is under threat of getting closed quickly . his discipline is very bad and most importantly he can be nutmegged . i would like smalling in his place . its a stupidity of the author to question jones who could had send off because of cahill's mistake . so it would be better to find some suitable replacement .