Friday, 12 September 2014

lack of a defensive midfielder for arsenal .

yes the point raised is good but last season arsenal lost because they played too expansive against these teams and too wide and allowed these teams to tear them apart . arsenal's problem over the years had been that they had been not able to handle counter attacks . it had always been boys against men on counter . secondly they played some wrong players against some wrong teams . you cannot play arteta against man city . he hasnt got legs anymore to go and close players . now wilshere played in the position for england on the win against the swiss . i think against man city he needs to do that and play that . last time around also wilshere played against these team also last season but went for a stroll upfield and couldnt keep the kind of discipline that needs to be kept while playing in this position .
the best arsenal line up will be without arteta . wilshere playing alongside flamini and both remaining extremly tight and not venturing too much forward .

you had said about barca the thing arsenal had been playing possession football but they had not able to do the type of defending that barca does . the front players like ramsey,ozil and giroud are not able to their defensive duties properly . but these season with welback and sanchez i think arsenal will be able to play better .
yes the question of an good defensive midfielder remains but the main thing is how can arsenal cope up with what is on their hands . if you had seen man city playing southampton last year and how jack cork got stuck to toure that is what one of the arsenal players need to do . another thing that arsenal needs to do is keep the ball and keep away from the physical duel . if arsenal can do that then i think we have a good interesting game on out hands .