Monday, 6 April 2015


now PSG and MARSEILLE both started with a 4-3-3 formation for PSG ibra was at the top with cavani and pastore along side him . matuidi , motta and veratti made he midfield three . for marseille gignac was at the top with payet behind him . ayew  on the left and thauvin on the right while lemina and morel were the midfielders .

now any side that is coached by beilsa it has its distinct properties . they try to press high . he likes his players to excel in one on one situations . they should be able to keep the ball in tight situations and individual battles with opposite number all over the pitch . now this game was a little bit different . marseille were trying to go all gung ho with psg instead they were conserving themselves . they were letting silva and luiz had the ball but they were waiting just like ath.mad to let the ball come in the midfield or beyond where they were pressing . in all marseille were playing on the counter to let psg come to them where on they break their attack and hit them on counter .
now in all this blanc did showed a good tactical acumen . he knew marseille were going to get tight to them . he knew that they would man marked all over the pitch and the opposite number will follow them anywhere . for the first 20 min marseille were playing a very high line and for which they could had payed . first ibra found space behind the centre backs by a good ball by veratti . most importantly ibra  was able to go past fani very easing only for mendy to recover and make the tackle . the second chance was clear cut one . pastore made a diagonal run on the inside and veratti again spotted him on a through ball and the chance was wasted by cavani who was hopeless all night long .
now marseille took the lead through gignac . marseille had a pattern about their play they were never ever going for the midfield battle instead they were advancing on one wing and switch on the other where there was space and then they would cross to gignac on the back post who scored on one such play . but psg soon equalised through  matuidi's wonder goal . he faked of going inside but cut on the weaker foot to slot home a very good shot . the second goal came because of ramao dispossessed pastore and fed gignac who finished nicely .
in the second the game became more intense and psg showed their class with marquinohos and own goal by morel .
now in this intense game where the personal duels all over the pitch there was one which made all the difference . for me the game changer or the one who ran the show was veratti the italian had matured under blanc his earlier habit was to keep hold of the ball in tight situations and show that he can come out of it . now in this game he had a personal duel with payet but not one single time did payet got the better of veratti or was able to stop him . the little italian defended very well he was supporting motta to shield the back plus he had to look on the left side and help marquinihos since cavani wasnt coming deep to do his duties . he was the one who sent pastore  and ibra clear on goal in the first half . he  had the responsibility of ticking the game and finding players who are in good positions . he was able to spot runs made by players and was able to feed them with proper through balls in their feet . to be honest if we look at the players performance for all over the match . then i think he was the one who was man of the match for me .