Monday, 1 June 2015

The real difference in the game between the game between wolfsburg vs dortmund were the no. 10's . for wolfsburg kevin de bruyne was the no. 10 . while for dortmund it was kagawa .

now yesterday in the game between VfL Wolfsburg vs  Dortmund both teams played the same formations . they played 4 at the back with two in front of them . they played a single striker with three behind them . the man that made the difference for the winning side was  kevin de bruyne .
now the wolfsburg were the rightful winners because they finished the chances they had created . now dortmund started the match very promisingly . wolfsburg started to play the high line and a simple high ball over the defense found abumeyang behind the defense . he and kagawa combined beautifully for the first goal . mikhitaryan was the main component in that he made an inside run so that kagawa could had time on the ball and he produced a delightful cross for abumeyang to score . untill the first goal dotmund played very decent they closed down wolfsburg players whenever the ball came into midfield and beyond they did not try to over do and let themselves over stretched while closing down so they were pretty conservative on that .
now the trouble for dortmund started when wolfsburg started to find de bruyne .he played between the line . the problem with dortmund is there was a considerable space between back line and the middle line consisting of kehl and gundogan and this was the space that was exploited by de bruyne . he would collect the ball between the lines and distribute it to the wingers most importantly caliguari and perisic . now wolfsburg were playing on counter and dortmund players were trying to close down the wolfsburg players and in that they were being played around . now the first goal was scored because dortmund players and the goal keeper forgot the basic's of football . first the naldo free kick which was saved by langerak was straightly spilled in the danger zone . secondly none of the dortmund cared to come and help the goal keeper so that if this situation arised they could be there to clear the ball . now as the game progressed de bruyne became more influential while dortmund  started to loose ideas . the trouble with dortmund is they are just one pace even though in that they created one or two chances which they failed to score . now when you see the run of the play you could see that naldo was the one that was the one who was the weak link in the wolfsburg defense. even in the first goal he let abumeyang get an easy chance and even on other chances that dortmund created he was the one who was found wanting .
now after dortmund's first goal worlfsburg started to play a little deeper than they had started . they were worried about abumeyang's pace so wolfsburg started playing  deep .majority of dortmund's offensive moves were from the right side with mikhitaryan , abumeyang and kagawa combining . the trouble was however on the other end, dortmund's closing game means that the fullbacks were always pushed up to close the wingers and they were found wanting when the attack was switched from one flank to other . the full because they were trying to close were always found scurrying back to their positions trying to help their centre backs on defense and on such one occasion wolfburg scored the goal off bas dost head . the problem was drum was trying to close down caliguari when the ball was switched from left to right and drum couldnt retrieve in his position to help subotic .
the game was all about the team who could finish the chances they had created and dortmund were  the team who did that . the most notable point in the match was de bruyne and his ability to find spaces between the lines and then successfully distributing it to either flanks and then putting it to fruition . compare that to kagawa he started good but then started to get disappear into the game . he did created another chance but the influence that de bruyne made wasnt replicated by kagawa for dortmund. the other notable failure was reus who just couldnt get into the game .

the notable fact that with dortmund's closing game and all that in the first half dortmund failed to mark debruyne . de bruyne played between lines . in the first half he was virtually unmarked they didnt too the notice to mark him where as all the attacks were instigated by him . he was the first out ball by wolfsburg on offense . in the second half hummels came out of the defense to mark druyne to close him down but untill then the damage was done .
we talk about klopp to be very good manager but then he failed tactically in this match . his team played just one pace game should had adjusted to control the game more and basically stop de bruyne .
the most notable players in the game were verihina , klose and caliguari . verihina and klose were very good on defense and i wouldnt be surprised that in the future they become most sought after . while caliguari showed good technical ability in holding the ball and troubling drum .
all and all this game could not be the fairy game ending for klopp which he hoped for .