Sunday, 30 August 2015


now yesterday as always gaurdiola continued with his tinkering and playing a different formation and keeping the opposition guessing as to what tactics he employs . even though dante was available he was not played instead gaurdiola started with one of the shortest lineup at the back with lahm ,alaba and bernat while alonso was mobile midfielder/defender who would as wanted dropped in the back four to help out the defense . while the opposition leverkusen started with 4-4-1-1 with keisling at top and cholongulu behind him . bellarbi and mehmedi were wide while bender and kramer were in the middle . for bayern they had vidal just in front of the back four while thiago and muller much like fullbacks and shifted as the play wanted . while the bayern front three consists of lewandowski and robben and costa on either side .
now if we are to talk of bayern then we know that gaurdiola like to tinker with his lineup he like play his players like chess pieces and like to draw his opponents into his game . now we know over the years that gaurdiola's team are the ones who like to keep the ball they like to out pass the opponents test them with their organisation and defending skills and open them up with outpassing them and their superior passing skills . while it was very opposite to me for what i saw yesterday . it was just like an old fashioned game that was played by bayern . whenever they had the ball they didnt tried to pass the ball around and out pass leverkusen instead the approach was simple they tried three approach in the game first one give the ball to coasta and make him run on him. similarly give ball to robben and do the same .while if not then get lewandowski dropping deep and collect possession and let him release either robben or costa in space . bayern were very direct yesterday with their approach  whenever costa he was running at the oppsition full back at every chance he was getting and in that he was helped by some hopeless leverkusen defending .
i think much of the attention in this game has to be given to the way leverkusen played rather than bayern playing them . leverkuses had good players but they didnt had a proper approach . if you take you stats and just look at the no . of balls that were won by keibling in the air then you would start considering as to why didnt leverkusen bombed bayern with crosses and try to test the back four in the aerial duel . the bayern back four was the shortest one and keibling could had given them a hard time with this one approach and  with this one threat they could had then  had improvised . instead leverkusen tried to out pass bayern and tried to play out bayern . there were obvious flaws in the leverkusen approach first their midfielders even though may be world cup winners but are still not mature and still dont have that matuirity as to how to control the game .
the most hopeless aspect of the leverkusen's game was their defending they were just hopeless . from the start hilbert knew that he was no match for costa's then why didnt he tried to show him the outside instead of trying to match him in the footrace . another facet was the way they defended at the start with both wendell and hilbert trying to chop down robben and costa and getting themselves booked instead they should had been a little patient in their approach . hilbert for me was very bad and the coach should had replaced him or atleast put somebody near him to help him out deal with costa instead the coach too let him out dry . plus it was alonso who was very good who passed quickly from back to front to put costa in one on one against hillbert and catching leverkusen on the back foot. to be honest all the three goals could had been prevented had leverkusen been sensible and given bayern a good game had their approach been different . leverkusen have good quality in their squad where on they can match the opposition and make it interesting .
last but not the least but many a pundits are fascinated but the combination played by gaurdiola and the way he makes them work but to be honest i think that he plays them when he finds that he hurt the opposition better than the opposition doing so . he does know the game but to be honest i think the quality of the oppostion and their players quality makes it possible for gaurdiola to play such formations because he know he can out play them with the quality at his disposal .