Monday, 24 August 2015


this is the match report between everton vs manchester city . let me first clarify but i watched the match till 60th min only so developments after that are not known to me .
now city and everton both play the same formation . both play the 4-2-3-1 . the playing style is also similar but the main difference is the forwards . city has a mobile forward while everton have a strong and big forward .
now these are the important points that i observed in the match. let me start with everton . now everton like to play progressive football . they like the pass the ball and open the opposition with their team work . now eveton had lukaku upfront with kone,barkeley and cleverly behind him . now the main problem with everton which i feel was that whenver they would give the ball to lukaku he didnt had nobody around him to feed and then get the return from him . city were never going to allow lukaku time over the ball. they were always going to close him down . for me kone and barkeley were too far from him while they should had been in the near vicinity . another thing is that everton need to have a game plan at time i felt that they were going with the without  a proper game plan as to what they wanted to do in the match. to be honest martinez needs to a proper game plan and then improvise  and tweak it on the field . secondly now mccarthy plays as a midfielder but he is clear libaility on offense .he hasnt got any playing skills . his touch is poor plus he has the lisence to come forward from the midfield two then he needs to be better on the ball . the third thing is that barkeley needs to do better on the defensive front he needs to close the player down and help his team defend better .
the most important thing was the space that everton afforded city to work out the ball . yes barry tried to close silva and mccarthy tried to come out of the middle two to close either of the two city midfielders but the most important thing that was the space that aguero was offered . everton  centre backs never came out of defense to come and close out aguero they just stood their positions and never bothered to come out of defense and close aguero out . this one piece let the entire defense loose and this allowed city the space to make inroads in everton's defense and city were just away from a tap in to score . to be honest i am reading that chelsea are interested in stones but yesterday's performance didnt convince me anyhow . he was sluggish on the ball and lost the possession many times . he couldnt properly pass the ball from back to front .
now city won the contest but if you are city fan then you should be worried because of the the space that city gave to everton. to be honest good teams try to close oppositon 10 to 15 yards away from their box . they try to stop them there . the trouble with city is even though their front four are very good going forward but they are not good on defense . silva is good player but is a liability on defense. he needs to do more running and make more defensive effort . it was worth watching as to how easy everton were able to work the ball from back to front . it was only that when the ball came from back to front then everton lacked the idea as to what they have to do with that and clearly lacked a good game plan . had they had one and worked on how they approach the game then i think  it would had been more interesting . but the worrying thing is the space at times that eveton had . but the real trouble was that everton never tried to take the ball deep . lukaku never did a channel run to take the ball and then work the ball . i really would love to see them do that .
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