Sunday, 9 August 2015


now let me start with this but at this moment of time utd are trying to stop teams rather than out playing them and outscoring them . but then i think the first step in team building is taken in proper direction on a good defense you can base good offense or else you will always get caught .
i would like to add some points that i observed during the game . first thing even though utd are stopping teams playing but on the offence they just lack that incisiveness . rooney for me is just not good enough for the striker role you cannot play through him or lets say he is just not good enough .depay played in the no.10 role but to be honest he has the mentality of a winger rather than a no.10 . mata and young played on the wings but you can say one thing about them that both are one dimensional . while young keeps on remaining wide mata will always keep inside . van needs to work on it . there need to keep the opposition guessing as to whether coming inside or staying wide which keeps the oppsition guessing and cause trouble . schneiderlin and carrick played in front of the back four out of which carrick did a very good job on bentaleb and one such occasion led to utd goal , he read the game beautifully and intercepted when he had the chance didnt went on rushing leaving scheniderlin alone . out of the back four i think darmian just made himself a star in the very first game itself .
now during both teams were trying to press other and i think during the match i observed these points .
both mata and schneiderlin need to move the ball fasted . mata spends too much time on the ball . he needs to understand that the oposition always tries to put him under pressure for which he just needs to pass the ball quicker and keep the ball rolling . he always seem to look for a decisive pass but at times when under pressure should just let the play roll on . schneiderlin was caught on the ball 2 or three times in the opening half and should move the ball quicker and should try his long balls when he has time on the ball .
smalling did good in this game but then once he asked the goalie to come out and claim the ball but which was stupidity he should deal with it himself rather than making the situation complicated and allowing the oppsition any sniff at it .
now spurs started well they too played the same formation but their trouble had been that chadli and dembele just couldnt get into the game . kane was very superb for them . he came deep linked very well with eriksen but the thing is they were not complemented by anybody in the spurs team and utd did a decent job on defense to stop them . both darmian and shaw need to patted on the back cause they just ate dembele and chadli . to be honest in the second half spurs stratergy was tht they just lost the confidence to move the ball through midfield and Alderweireld was seen passing long diagonals from right to left . pochettino needs to correct this mentality . even though bentaleb was subbed by pochettino but that didnt do anything good and mason just couldnt do anything good . pochettino need improvement just as utd do .