Monday, 17 August 2015

manchester city vs chelsea .

now in the game between city and chelsea . both teams used different formations . while city went with 4-4-1-1 which meant with a back four of kompany,mangala ,sagna and kolarov . they had fernandiniho and toure in the middle with navas and sterling on flanks . silva played in the hole and aguero upfront . while chelsea used 4-2-3-1 . chelsea had cahill,terry ,ivanovic with azpilicueta in the back four . while fabregas and matic in the middle . further up they had hazard and ramires wide while willian played behind costa . now if you ahd looked at the game then city played on the counter while chelsea tried with a bit of a slow pace and tried to build up the offense which is not their strong suit . even though both teams played quite deep but chelsea's centre back were struggling against aguero's pace and there were about 4 chances which were all stopped by begovic . had begovic not been good then chelsea would had been atleast 3 three down under first 20 min . if you had looked at the line up then the city's front four had tremendous pace compared to the lack of pace that chelsea had . plus it was all evident that cahill and terry would struggle against toure with ball on the floor .
now in the game there were some individual battle with some tactical shifts . first matic was told by mouriniho to be tight on silva which he was doing duly . secondly was willian playing as a third midfielder trying to narrow the space and deny any space for toure and fernandiniho to work about . even costa was helping his defense to close down toure and fernandiniho and deny any time on the ball . while sagna didnt forged too much because of hazard's threat but kolarov did moved forward . now if had looked during the game then you could see that fabregas had a very fixed role . he was playing alongside matic but he was much more disciplined and wasnt moving too much up compared to matic who i think had much more lisence to move forward but fabregas was told to stay deep and look out for that threat sterling and help out ivanovic .  so that he would not cut inside and cause trouble .i think the other thought was to put balls behind the defense if city ever try to play a high line . some pundits criticized him and gave him lower rating but to be honest when your boss asks you do a disciplined then you need to follow and i cannot criticize him.
now during the game cahill and terry were struggling against aguero but there was one instance which i want to point . now if you had seen then kolarov passed a ball to aguero inside the box who was guarded by cahill . but you can see the idiocracy of cahill and how good aguero is when he could easily turn on cahill and shoot . to be honest cahill should had been tight on him and deny any movement to ageuro but he is just hopeless . now during the if you had seen then city were playing deep and fernandinho and toure were playing in front of the back four . now at times i think chelsea had an extra player in  the midfield through whom they can work the ball . if you had seen then both kompany and mangala are reluctant to come out of the defense and many a times in the first half costa would come deep
and help out his team in possession in moving the ball upfield . now on one such play willian ,hazard and azpilicueta worked the ball beautifully the thing is city didnt had enough cover in the midfield . now one of the midfielders was dragged out of position to protect the flank and then there would be only toure or fernandiniho in the front of the back four plus there was enough space between them to be worked up  . you could see on one such play ramires had a chance which he hart saved nicely . my exact point is even though both city and chelsea played three in the middle but the work which willian does in supporting the middle two is not done by silva and at times city feels like playing short handed . now when i thought about this then i couldnt stop myself comparing him with janujaz situation at utd who was criticized by van gal even after scoring the goal and it was because of the lack of  defensive  effort  that he put in for the team . i think pellegrini needs to think about  that .
 the another talking point is terry's substitution then let me tell you i think jose is very correct to sub terry who struggles against a pacy forward . now with zouma in the team could play a bit high up the pitch and they tried to stop aguero by closing him down early . i think it would be wise of jose to play either cahill or terry as both struggle to pace . to be honest i would prefer terry to cahill who is completely idiot .
now there are some finer points in the game which i want to talk about . now in the second half sterling was marking hazard in the run of play . now hazard had his back to the goal and was cornered but what sterling did was he let go of hazard now that is stupidity you dont let your opponent off easely . make him work the possession and the pass and dont try to be too smart too nick the ball off him but keep him on his toes  and make him work . it helps in pressing the oppostion and you can ease some load of your team . sterling let go him and you could see hazard could pick an easy  pass and chelsea had a chance . second thing is kompany being overzelous . he tried to pin costa which cost him the card . why try to be oversmart try to be physical when the opponent is away from the goal and not that threatning . to be honest this overzealousness cost kompany last season and he should learn from it .
now if we are to draw some conclusion from the game then chelsea needs to have some creative minded coach in their ranks who will coach them some offense . not evey time will the defense win chelsea their title . while for city i think they need to think of playing sterling in silva's positon and then can shift them in the role which will benefit the team . since sterling can close the oppostion far too quicky and give the initiative to city . all and all a good game .