Wednesday, 19 August 2015


now utd won againt brugge 3-1 but the score line doesnt highlights the true game. the scoreline shows that man utd might had dominated but it was not so . first man utd started with 4-2-3-1 with notable ommission being herrera for me and i will try to explain why . first thing from the very start utd struggled to move the ball from back to front and you could see no. of time utd kicking the ball out or conceding possession . now there are two utd midfielders in front of the back four which would be easier for utd to move the ball up . but the trouble is utd have two players who are very similar . both carrick and schneiderlin are very similar . they like to pass long although carrick's strength is floor but both are not very fluid movers who will keep the game moving and move with it . this is why utd miss herrera he not only moves the ball but is very fluid . he keeps on ticking the game and if you had seen the last game against aston villa then you would had noted that utd were better when he came along in the second half because he keeps the game ticking . never spend too much time on the ball . always has his head up and has spotted the pass even before he has the ball to his speed . so i think utd need to play herrera in place of carrick or schneiderlin . the other reason i say that is when schneiderling or carrick passes the ball they dont look for a back pass which is very important . herrera is very good in that . he will always keep himself free for a back pass . while scneiderlin or carricks work ends with the pass but that is not the case when you play midfield .
 the other culprit that i believe because of which utd failed to move the ball or you could say that utd offense slows down is mata . this man spends too much time on the ball . he struggles in one on one situation cant play with his back to the ball . he starts wide and then cuts inside but him spending time on the ball and him cutting inside does allows the opposition to organise or close utd  down . i think it would be better to put valencia on that flank .he will complement darmian very well and protect each other when one of them goes forward .
to be honest compared to brugge utd didnt close brugge that quickly or that fast which they should and i am certainly apprehend to van gal's thinking of janujaz . but i feel janujaz should not be singeled out i think mata too is equal parter in the crime and if you see then brugge had more joy down on the left wing rather than on the right wing . the other thing is that mata atleast shouldnt spend time on the ball in his own half . if you had seen then utd got into trouble just because mata lost the ball in his own half . we all know about rooney's struggles and his inability to keep the ball with player on his back . the main thing why he is not able to keep that is because he doesnt keeps the ball in the middle of the body and shield it properly but keeps it on one side which allows the oppsition to nick it from him .
now at time i think player get in one dimensional zone when they tend to pass the ball to player just because he asked for it or say that they had been told to pass the ball to them . i think van gal needs to coach the players more and make them aware to make better decisions on the ball and make certain as to whether the pass is on or not . there are time when there is a give and go situation but needs to think beyond that move as to whether the player has space and time . whether it has further continuation and then should decide on the pass . those who play football will understand this .
to be honest from yesterday's match just as depay was hero on the offensive front i think smalling was hero on the defensive front who just won every other duel he was involved and showed as to how improved he his and why he should be the first man on the sheet .

 all and all a very vital win but not a very satisfying performance .