Saturday, 29 August 2015


now just as the scores suggested wolfsburg were totally dominant in the game . they were totally dominant in the middle of the park and were better in all departments of the game . their players were comfotable on the ball compared to the oppositon they had better options around them and most importantly they didnt spent time on the ball and get caught in the possession and got dispossessed .
now both the team started with 4-4-1-1 combination . for wolfsburg dost let the attack while for schalke it was
huntellar . now from the start wolfsburg were dominant .they pressed high on the pitch. the most notable thing in the entire match was that schalke was not able to put 5 passes together in a move . their players spent too much on the ball . now the most notable factor in the entire match was the dominant display by one teams's midfield and while the other team was utterly hopeless in that department . gustavo and joshua played in front of the back four and they were the reason why wlfsburg were dominant . plus the work put up by veirhina and caliguir on the defensive front . when wolfsburg lost the ball they pressed very correctly for the first 30 min in the first half . now gustavo and joshua were very dominant in the worlfsburg midfield they provided the proper support to the wingers and fullbacks . they kept the ball ticking plus they switched the play very correctly .
now there were early signs of trouble for schalke and it was evident on the first cross itself . if you had seen  then you would had seen that the first cross that wolfsburg made was headed cleared by matip but then you could see that dost had space between the centre backs and both the centre backs were not paying proper attention to him . now for the whole match wolfsburg had their offense on right and credit should go to joshua.veiriniha and trasch who combined beautifully on the right flank . just as i said dost was getting the space in between the central defenders and he got the first goal from that . the most notable players for wolfsburg were veiriniha and joshua who were very good . while veiriniha was moved up by the wolfsburg coach from defense to middle and joshua had the lisence to bomb forward . the most notable thing was not only their performance on the ball but also without it . when wolfsburg lost the ball these guys were the reasons why they could press and press successfully . veiriniha's quality can be judged from the fact that the majority of the wolfsburg offense on the right and he was the major reason for that . his quality on the ball is very good plus his ability to pass the ball and know the players around him . joshua was also very good he is quality midfielder who is also a good passer as well as  a good defensive player. i cant understant as to how he is not a regular in the france setup  .
now just as wolfsburg were very good schalke were bad in all departments . their centre backs were poor from the start they didnt keep tab on dost which led to the first goal . plus they were just poor . it was evident from the fact that dost could come out of the defense and make a half turn without any pressure with the schalke centre back looking on and doing nothing is the evidence as to how bad they were . now the most important factor as to why they were poor is because no coach in the world likes his team being dominated in the middle of the park  but the schalke coach was having none of that . his midfielders were poor they choose wrong options to pass . they couldnt support their wingers plus they were bullied by wolfsburg midfielders . while this was happening whenever sane and choupo moting had the ball they spent too much time trying to dribble and play solo and get themselves dispossessed . schalke's main game plan was that whenever any of the wingers have the ball they would move inside and huntellar would move outside creating space for them since both of them are good dribbler and have good pace . to be honest schalke could have caught wolfsburg and made them pay . wolfsburg midfielders were trying to press and in doing that they moving upfield and this created space between  back four and the middle two . now there were two instances in the match where schalke could had made wolfsburg pay but failed because of the lack of quality. the lack of quality was evident from the fact that goalkeepers kicks who was very poor and was seen kicking either straight to opposition players or outside .
all and all it was a satisfying performance by wolfsburg but they need improvement since they need a player like de bruyne who will go beyond bas dost and one who can open defense with his defense splitting passes . while wolfsburg was satisfying schalke needs to go to training pitch and get the team moulded in a proper style . he needs to change the  midfield who were poor and needs to make the player work harder .