Saturday, 19 September 2015


now chelsea played arsenal at stamford bridge . i am going to describe the game till arsenal were with 10 players on the pitch . the contest closed out as soon as arsenal were reduced to 9 players .
now  chelsea started with a very positive lineup and i think this is the line up that jose will prefer and should prefer if has to show that he is just not a defensive coach but also can be good offensive ball playing coach as well . now chelsea started with a 4-2-3-1 formation with costa upfront and osacar,hazard and pedro behind him . matic and fabregas were in front of the back four which consisted of ivanovic ,zouma,cahill and  Azpilicueta. while arsenal started with walcott uptop with ozil,sanchez and ramsey behind him . coquelin and cazorla were in the middle in front of the back four while the back four consisted of bellerin,gabriel,koscielny and monreal .
now the game started with a good pace chelsea were playing with a high line they were trying to play close arsenal and hit them on the counter . the player that were selected by mouriniho were just for that . now when chelsea press arsenal mouriniho makes sure that sanchez is the one who is kept quite and tight . he was guarded very tight by ivanovic . now walcott played at the top and i think in the first 5 min arsenal attempted they tried to release walcott with ball over the top . now my theory about walcott is that he isnt a proper forward he cannot dribble much .he needs a good player around him who can release him in space to chase balls and in turn walcott should just pass the fall faster rather than holding the ball trying to get past people . so when walcott needs to make sure that he has good player around him . although there were three good players around him arsenal failed to use him in the first half .
now chelsea were sitting back and hitting on the counter but at times i feel with the players they have they should be more patient with the ball . now in the match chelsea were bit keen to open the arsenal's right side than the left side because i think mouriniho would had thought that they could out muscle bellerin and ramsey doesnt like to defend that  much . pedro was playing on the right but came inside and tried to overload the left side which left space for ivanovic to go forward . now this is the problem when ivanovic had the ball he would just cross the ball with not many players or not a proper cross . instead if he had hold the ball and tried to work the ball since arsenal were getting stretched with pedro's movement . now chelsea could had worked the ball better and carved out a better opening something which the germans do they just dont rush to cross the ball when it getts near the box or the byline instead of crossing  they keep working the ball till they carve out a proper opening and chelsea had players for that . chelsea did tried that on 25th min where on they passed the ball very well and looked as if they could carve out a proper opening but again ivanovic hurried with cross instead of being patient with ball .
the second thing that i noticed that when chelsea where on offense they had not more that two players involved in opening the opposition . now let me explain when costa has the ball he would pass the ball to oscar or hazard and who would pass back and costa would shoot . now i  would like to see more that two players involved in the attack chelsea have that . mouriniho should try to make them play better and make them pass more and ask them for more penetration or take more attacking drills and sessions .
now with pedro's inclusion in the team hazard has seen his ball touches and time on the ball reduced . i think chelsea needs to have hazard more on the ball . pedro is good at running into space on other's pass while hazard is the one who creates that . in the game hazard had a good chance when he ran on a good ball by fabregas over the top breaking the offside trap . now that is what pedro is good at . he is not good at creating but at making runs behind defense or in space . so i think hazard should see more of the ball and should get more involved in offense .
now another thing about arsenal is that at times i had seen coqueling trying to to be too cute and should try to keep the game simple rather than holding the ball and trying to play it forward . instead should pass it quickly and keep the rolling and slow the game . he is good ball player but at time he tries to be cute which can back fire . he was under pressure twice or thrice in the match and he got out of it but other times it can prove costly .
to be honest i think the ref's made a bad decision with gabriel . he was already booked . yes he did swing the leg but it wasnt malicious and should had been cautioned with a hard talk . secondly the game was very proper when the game was 11 against 11 but you finish a game when you sent a man . its a stupidity which the ref should had avoided .