Sunday, 13 September 2015


now yesterday chelsea played everton . now chelsea played with 4-2-3-1 while everton played with the same formation . both the team play deep their centre backs dont like to come out of the defense instead they try to stand their ground and defend .
now let us talk about the game since the lineups are known to everybody . now from the start if you had seen then you would see that everton were trying to work out the chelsea's left side for that they had kone high up the pitch very close to lukaku who had shifted little bit left to be close to kone . now in the last game we had seen that there was a considerable difference between kone and lukaku so both were not able to find each other so martinez identified the problem and fixed it . the other thing was lukaku by moving to the left was that he was coming against terry who doesnt likes to chase his opposite number maintaining his positional discipline . now  kone wasted a beautiful chance which was carved out by everton . now even though chelsea had two guys in the middle everton were finding a lot of space in the middle with barkeley able to collect the ball and pass it under no pressure or run on defense . this is because matic was trying to help cover up the left side zone which everton were trying to explore with kone,lukaku and coleman . the real culprit in chelsea failure in defensive discipline had been mikel . when matic was getting sucked in one one side of the pitch trying to help out the defense he should be the one who should keep things tight in the middle .but as i had pointed earlier mikel is very poor in his defensive discipline his game reading is very poor and if you can see the first goal then you could see naismith turning so easily and passing the ball to galloway who made a delightful cross for naismith .
now there are more than one culprit in chelsea's debacle . now as i had read the blame is being put on fabregas which is find ridiculous . now over the years chelsea's success under mouriniho had been because of the defense and the hard work that the players use to put on both end of the pitch . now if you watch the first goal then you have to question as to where is pedro . pedro was playing on the right side  and he was suppose to be tracking galloway who was his opposite number but where is he . now the media is blaming ivanovic for the goal but then what can he do should he look at his opposite number who is naismith and look at the back four discipline . it was pedro's job to help his fullback to deal with situation . even the second goal came from the similar situation when naismith collected the ball in the similar position and instead of passing the ball he shot the ball back of the net now it had to mikel's work who need to close him down or atleast make it difficult for him but he did not .
now kudos to mouriniho his team was not ticking in the first half and he had realised the problem and he replaced mikel with kennedy and bought fabregas alongside matic . he bought hazard behind costa and kennedy on the right . now in the second half too everton made some changes . lukaku swithced more on the left side and even kone would move into the zone trying to overload that zone and work it out . when kone would move inside it would give coleman to bomb forward and he was causing all sort of problems to chelsea and at time was playing as a right winger . but even with the changes everton were able to find space and most importantly now kone and naismith were changing zones and causing problems . even though chelsea made changes they could not prevent the defeat .
chelsea's defeat could be blamed to three person's namely pedro,mikel and hazard but most importantly on mikel as to when everton did most damage when he was on the pitch . he was poor in covering his players and not reading the game properly leaving his team mates in lurch . pedro is good offensive player but he not a creative player but he is the one who like to get at end of things not the ones who create it . now pedro's inclusion has come hard on hazard who gets to see less of the ball so his influence on the game is not that much as much as we want . plus we must give credit to jagielka rather than stone who dealt very will with costa .
now for eveton i have to mention naismith not because he scored  a hatrick but i suppose he is one of the most underrated and most improved player in the everton ranks . he passes the ball well works hard plus he takes very good positions so that his team  mates can find him .his passing had increased and must be best floor passer in scotland team .