Sunday, 13 September 2015


now yesterday utd played liverpool at old trafford . utd were with rooney while coutiniho was the notable absentee for liverpool . utd started the game with a 4-2-3-1 formation while the same was with liverpool . now in the first half liverpool choose to sit back while utd pressed liverpool very nicely to get the ball back and liverpool couldnt just put  a move together . the highlight of utd pressing was the work done by herrera,schweninsteiger and carrick . herrera would start the first press and other would join in . the most important fact was the game controlled by carrick on both offense and defense . they controlled the tempo of the game . now the disappointing fact for both the teams were for utd was memphis who was hopeless . he never threatned his fullback his attitude was hopeless and he gave the ball away two or three times which was carelessness . now why memphis role in the utd team is important is because he is one who provides the actual width to the attack he remains wide like a natural winger and is suppose to beat the fullback on the outside . he is important because mata come inside denying the natural width on the right side . but yesterday memphis was just hopeless he never troubled clyne and he always passed the ball back or sideways which was disappointing . just as memphis was pathetic i would say liverpool failed to put a move together and the reason being that liverpool players this season had been holding the ball too much.  just because of this fact rodgers had not been to put a proper offense together . it can be said that it had been rodgers inability to gel them together and create a proper offense .

now i want to complement van gal he saw what was lacking in the utd team and he just made the necessary change . he bought young was depay in the same position with no formation change . as soon as young came on the field he did what was asked of him . he ran on clyne with the ball and got a foul from which utd scored the first goal . the goal was the highlight just because the way it was taken . utd duly scored the second with herrera in the run of play but to me young was the real impetus if you had seen then he passed a very good ball shaw over the player who fumbled slightly had he had a clean technique then he would made a run in the box and tried to pick out some one . to be honest the other hero for man utd was carrick untill he was on the field utd were just in control of the game and liverpool had no chance or sniff at the goal . carrick's substitution did helped liverpool a little who then went with other plan they started to go direct to benteke who was faboulous on that day winning every aerial duel with smalling and was the only bright spark in the liverpool lineup . since benteke was good utd went compact and this offered liverpool space wide on the flanks and it created problem for utd . it was benteke who scored a very good goal .carricks sub presented liverpool with chance but utd bought martial and he just closed the game with a good solo goal .
now about the players for utd carrick,herrera,schwenisteiger ,darmian and blind were the very good . blind was supposed to be the weak link in the utd defense but he handeled benteke well scored and most importantly he can pass very well from the back which is very important assets for utd . carrick and schweni had a very good partnership in the middle and herrera even though is not the natural no. 10 but he keeps the game ticking and has a very good postional sense . darmian had been the unsung hero for utd . young too was very good and did his role nicely . i would really expect valencia being the chance in place of mata so that utd can just fully stretch the oppoents and valencia can deliver good balls from the wing  and cover darmian very well . to be honest i fear for deapy who can another expensive mistake .
for liverpool benteke was the only sparkling star other were just poor .
to be honest when utd bought martial the real reason why wenger was disappointed because he knew martial was a very good player and martial went to utd rather than to arsenal was the real reason why he was angry .