Wednesday, 16 September 2015


now yesterday city played juventus and were beaten . i read yaya toure's statement just now where he said that juventus were lucky to beat city and i do have to agree with him quite a bit but then i too have to disagree with him on certain things . city even though were good and enjoyed the better possession were not able to open juventus up . city had chances and their failure to convert was one of the reason why juve were the winner and why city didnt had any points on the board .
now lets talk about the game city started with a 4-2-3-1 or say 4-4-1-1 the way you want to take it . city had sagna.kompany,mangala and kolarov at the back while toure and fernandiniho were in front of the back four . nasri and sterling on the wings with silva behind bony having a free role . juventus started with  a 4-2-1-3 but on the field they were 4-5-1 with moratta dropping on sagna on defense and pogba sliding besides sturaro and hernanes . now juventus started with game with trying to press city high but quickly receded back in their own half on defense .city were playing slow building offense and they had a reason because nasri was playing and juve were just sitting back and hitting city on the counter .  on the defense city had all 10 players behind the ball with morata dropping on sagna to help defense.on other time's you would see juve's all players in their own half cramming space and letting the city's CB's ( centre backs )  plenty of time on the ball . if you take out the statistics then you would see that city's CB's had the most touches and had the highest completion ratio of passess completed ratio and that is because juventus just allowed
city's CB's to have the ball and not press . they were content to sit deep and defend and waited for the ball to cross the mid line and let the ball be passed to the wingers or either silva or bony and then press them and dispossess them off the ball . juve gave no space between the lines to city and did defende very well . while juve did this on the offense they were not very well . they wanted to play from the black but were not able to put together a good move . i would like to give you an example . juve's evra  would pass the ball to pogba who in turn will pass back to evra . now city were trying to close juve down quickly and press them high on the pitch and when tried to involve the third player say morata he would be dispossessed by fernandiniho who was very good in this match. i would love to fernandiniho and see how many time he dispossessed moratta and how many times he made interceptions and how many tackles he won . fernandiniho was good and was the best city player on the pitch in this game .he not only kept moratta quite but also kept sturaro on toes and nicked ball off him a couple of times .  now even though juve were not able to put 4 or 5 passing move together but whenever they could they found the space between the lines but were not able to exploit it very well . now the reason why juve were finding space between the lines because city's centre backs were kept occupied by manzukic while moratta moved from right to centre on offense . now city's midfielders were not getting help from silva who i suppose lacked a man in the middle . they had the job of stopping the offense as well as pressing juve so they were getting quite high on the pitch . so two or three times cuadrado and moratta found space in front of the back four but were not able to utilize it properly . now juve were keen to move the ball from the left and there was a reason for that . they had pogba there who was arguably juventus best player . plus they had moratta dropping in trying to overload that side . now the other reason is that kolarov was getting tight on cuadrado and was continuously nicking the ball off him and it is another statistics worth seeing as to how many times he nicked ball off cuadrado . kolarov was good on reading the game and came out quick from the back to press cuadrado and dispossess him.
in the first half city had more clear chances than juve and error or judgement made them loose that . now city were slow in their offense and it was because of the fact that nasri was playing now whenever nasri plays he slows the game . this fact was very well noted by the commentators . what it meant was that it gave juve the necessary time to adjust their shape and deny city any space to work with . now another thing is sterling needs to learn is that he needs to understand as to when he need to take on defender and when to pass . here sterling was loosing the physical battle and should had passed the ball quickly rather than holding up and trying to beat juve players . instead a quick passing on the run would had been better . he and silva did loose a no. of physical battle in the first half and it should be lessen to pellegrini to make the necessary adjustments .
now in the second half city scored on the corner and chilleni wanted a foul . now it has to be foul and it cant be because chilleni never tried to jump and contest so on the jump naturally kompany's hand  were going to be on chilleni's back and to be honest chilleni does this all the time and cries foul so the referee were right to award the goal . now in the second half the same pattern continued but there was a change with pogba coming more infield and collecting the ball and trying to release manzukic . now city were playing a dangerous game they were trying to hold a bit of a high line they were trying to hold a line just off the box . now the warning signs were already there when in the first half on cuadrado's free kick pogba was caught offside by a nick. so pogba was trying to pick out manzukic and on one such attempt he found manzukic who scored . now i found mangala a bit stupid in this . instead of trying to win the ball just try to stick with manzukic and make it difficult for him and then try to nick it off him . the second came when bonucci just lobbed the ball beyond the back four and which manzukic headed and it fell kindly to moratta who had earlier missed a good chance but here he just curled it past hart . now i had talked about the space in front the back four and lack of protection from the midfielders or that they were getting caught up the pitch and it was the case with moratta's goal . had anybody been near then he wouldnt had got that easy chance .
to be honest i think city should had started with navas who provides the necessary pace to the game and would caused problems . nasri slows down the game and the commentators were constantly asking for change in for of navas for nasri but it never happened . another thing is how can bony perform when he had very little service and he was still quite decent winning quite an amount of aerial challenges and nut megging bonucci to open himself for a good chance so i wont criticize him . i thought that .
now i want to complement Allegri not for tactics which were negative and coming to city for a draw but because on the 85th min when cuadrado tried to dribble an opponent insteaf of passing that time alllegri got furious and should be because the ball went out of play for a throw in and the opposition could win the ball quickly on the throw win and they had ample time to score .allegri didnt want to give the ball to city and wanted it to move around and wanted to pass quickly forward so as to push city back . i think it was good on part of him and him shouting and shoving cuadrado was sign of him being involved in the game .