Wednesday, 9 September 2015


to be honest as like any other india i too dream of my country's song to be played at the world cup .

yesterday india played against iran in the world cup qualification . there was not much of expectation from indian side because iran are the super asian side with quite  a bit of better team and super physical side and with a world class coach . my eagerness to watch the match was from the fact as to how much of a fight can the indians give to the iranians who are technically better and can execute the plan better .
now about the game india started the game with with 4-4-2 formation with chettri and jeje up front . while robin singh was on the left while eugenson was on the right . ganesh and halder in the middle with ganesh being subbed on the 15th min . while there a back four . now for the major part of the game iran had the ball and india had little of the ball . to be honest i am trying to speak of tactics here but with good technical ability the formations and the tactics are of no use . now in the game india were sitting deep perhaps just because dejager was in the iranian team who has good pace and indians didnt want to get caught flatfooted .
i will try to put some points as to when indians had the ball well as i had said earlier indians lacked the physical ability . now how many times during the game did i saw the ball being launched up field for chettri and jeje . now in which world are indian strikers going to win header against the iranian counter parts with a six inch difference between them . so launching ball towards them was not going to be effective . india's target man could had been robin singh who rightfully won the no.9 shirt and should had been playing in the front two but was on the left side . he won some headers and could had been useful had he been played in the front two . to be honest during the game robin singh won the ball but instead of passing to the closest open player who was georges (sub) he passed it to chettri who had no continuation to the move because he was closed down and was dispossed of the ball .the only positive in the game was i saw ball was played in the channel behind the back to be chased by chettri but after that the move had no continutation . i think constantine has to coach this as to what postions will the players take when the ball wide or with whom and how do they continue the move and how do they try to open the opponent up . i think he needs to take these and coach them more properly . now  with the lack of technical ability what the indians have is that they dont release the ball early . they tend to make the extra two touches which does slows down the game and get themselves slowed down and throw away the possession. many a times indians made bad decisions on and off the ball . just as for the second goal one of the midfielders tried to win a ball which was never there to be won. eugenson trying to dribble the iranian fullback who was quicker and stronger than him . now i am giving a pic over here which is very important when you try to play good football .
now to be honest i was disappointed with indians approach . indians battling iranian's in the physical battle was never going to be solution instead india keeping very tight at the back and frustrating iran and then trying to hit them on the counter was the solution . the most i was disappointed was the midfield and for that i blame constantine .he was against the coach who is one of the best planner in world football and executes it perfectly . he should had read as to how he prepared man utd for barca clash in their 2008  ucl title winning year . they were too much high up the pitch compared to back four and time and again you could see iranians getting the space between the lines .i was surprised iranians not exploiting that much the space that was provided by the indians .
i thought the score line will be higher had iranians pulled indians in the floor game .but the coach went in the aerial dule where also they had the upperhand and i think they were quite happy with the win with game in the bag by the 60th min.
to be honest for indians i think they have to long way to go we need to build our base on strong technical play and when players from IFL come they should consult these players and coaches about the physical regimen and diet's that need to go with it . i think its time we indians stop crying about the lack of playing infracstructure and all and start showing on the pitch and work extra and build ground for the next generation .