Wednesday, 23 September 2015


now yesterday bayern played wolfsburg . it can be said a game of two half's one half where wolfsburg got everything right and while the other one was the one where bayern got everything correct .
now bayern started with bit of a lopsided formation with 3-4-3 with lahm,boetang and alaba in the back three while alonso,thiago and vidal and bernat made the middle four . muller played upfront with gotze and costa on left and right respectively . while wolfsburg started with the 4-4-1-1 combination with  Träsch,naldo,dante and rodriguez in the back four while gustavo and Guilavogui in front of the back four . draxler and caliguiri were wide while kruse played behind dost .  the yellow square shown in the figure is the space that draxler got in the first half .
now bayern started the game with long diagonal balls from boetang to gotze . this season bayern had been direct they havent been outplaying opponents outpassing them and testing opposition's patience moving the ball around instead they had been direct especially with costa . now wolfsburg were always going to be disciplined they had two banks of four with kruse making the additional number in the middle . now bayern tried to overload the left flank with bernat,gotze and thiago . but bayern had little joy in that . first thing was that they were not able to bring muller into game that much . he was only involved once in the first half and didnt had any role in the first half . wolfsburg were sitting back and always going to hit on the counter trying to find dost with the long balls .now dost was  getting wide and setting himself up against alaba for a  aerial duel and winning it . to be honest in the first half bayern team looked a team from the english league who were trying to maintain their shape and discipline and not  pressing enough . but the most interesting thing was the fact the space that was offered to draxler by bayern . now costa was high up and lahm was in the back three and he was not ready to come out of the back three so draxler had too much of space to explore on the counter and he made good use of it . he threatned with a good cross and on one such cross he found caliguiri whose superb strike gave wolfsburg the advantage . now even though wolfsburg were able to stop bayern in their tracks there was a problem which was going to explored by bayern in the second half and which was bayern was not able to milk in the first half . now gustavo and Guilavogui were in front of the defense but Guilavogui had the lisence to move forward and join the attack but at time i felt he left the space to explore for bayern leaving gustavo alone to mark up that space in the front of the back four . now this was the space that was explored by bayern in the second half . the other notable battles in the first half rodrigueuz on costa with rodrigueuz trying to shut costa with close marking . the other was gustavo on vidal . in their own half wolfsburg were playing man on man and were very compact . Guilavogui had a very good strike from half line on one counter and that would had been a highlight of the game and would had given some breathing space for wolfsburg . but the second half changed all that .
now wolfsburg had advantage in the first half so bayern had to respond and bayern responded by making to two changes he changed the formation and personal he switched to 4-3-3 with lewandowski in place of thiago and martinez in place of bernat .he bought vidal to play alongside alonso with costa switched to left instead of left and gotze on the right with muller behind lowendowski . he got players playing in their favoured position and the thing i talked about in the first half was explored in the second half that is the space between the back four and the middle and if you observe then all of those lewandowski's goal came from there and at time there was nobody for their to cover that space with both gustavo and Guilavogui getting caught out of position and lewandowski scoring from there . this term bayern had been too direct and that is one of the new facet that has been added to the bayern's offense this term by guardiola . they had been very direct somebody would say that they were playing on counters but bayern had been that this season . they
try to get the ball very quickly to wide players like costa and gotze and then try to work from there or try to spread it when opposition gets compact in one half of the pitch . it has worked
now even though wolfsburg were beaten by  bayern i think that they are a very good team with good players with veirihinia ,caliguiri,Guilavogui and draxler . i am surprised that PSG let Guilavogui on loan because he is superb player and if they cant have him then next year he will have big teams bidding for him . i think wolfsburg will be team to take notice and none will want them in the second round of the UCL as their opponents . but they must drop naldo and play klose who is  much better defender than naldo .