Wednesday, 30 September 2015


now yesterday porto played chelsea at home and chelsea lost . it was very well said by miguel delaney on soccernet that chelsea were wrong . chelsea lacked any creativity nor did they had any foothold on the game . the formation and the players that were chosen by mouriniho at times looks like to chosen for loss .
now chelsea played with a 4-2-1-3 formation with cahill and zouma at the back with ivanovic and Azpilicueta as fullbacks . mikel and ramires were in front of the back four with ramires while fabregas was ahead of them . willian ,costa and pedro made the front three . while porto started with 4-3-3 formation with maicon and marcano at the back with pereira and indi as the fullbacks . the middle  three consist of  neves,danillo and imbulla as the middle three . now danillo was sitting in front of the back four while neves was slight on the right side while imbula was on the left . while the front three consist of brahimi ,Aboubakar and andre .
now porto started the game by playing direct balls to Aboubakar who coming slightly deep ( about one or two yards) to collect the ball and then pass it on the brahimi who was out wide for the whole match . he would then try to run on ivanovic but keeping him guessing as to whether he was running down or cutting inside and at the same time combining very well with imbula and Aboubakar . porto would show that they are going to try and open  the left side and them pass the from left to right and stretch chelsea play . now the trouble with chelsea was that Aboubakar was getting slightly inside to collect ball but zouma wasnt coming out of the defense to close him . it left Aboubakar with pretty much time on the ball to collect the ball and pass it whoever that he desired off . secondly if you had looked closely then brahimi was hugging the touchline and stretching the play . now everybody knew that ivanovic knew was going to struggle against the brahimi who is a good dribbler . so it was imperative that zouma should had moved closer to ivanovic( i had shown the space between ivanovic and zouma in the chelsea  diagram)  so that he could double him down or close him even when he could give slip to ivanovic . the warning signs were already there when before the goal brahimi had cut inside once and had a shot scuffed . chelsea should kept a tight leash on him just as willian was doing a great job on left side where he was helping his fullback  .mikel or ramires should had done a better job over here .
now chelsea were playing on a counter here . to be honest costa was very good yesterday he was coming deep to collect ball and bring the midfield into attack . while marcano showed the willingness to come out of defense to close him down maicon stayed deep and maintained the shape and let costa scott free . now costa played majorly on left side where on he combined very nicely with fabregas and willian but he never got the support from the midfield from mikel and ramires who were poor yesterday . ramires is also very technically poor . he has a poor touch and doesnt understand the game. to be honest the support that porto front three got from danillo and neves was never there from ramires and mikel who were very poor . now chelsea's best came when pedro was put through on goal with good pass from costa . now i had described pedro earlier he likes to at the end of things rather than be a creator
. now chelsea were very poor and lacked support for costa . to be honest porto were trying to stop fabregas and try to press chelsea and i thought two or three time ramires got the ball between the lines which he could not use properly . porto's midfield were trying to press chelsea while thebackline were not ready to come high and playing deep enough not to let have too much space behind as pedro had slipped earlier on goal .
now let me describe to two situations in the first half where on costa was drifting on the left side he worked maicon very well to give him a slip but there was nobody in the box to whom costa could atleast  cross .secondly when he drifted on the right he again worked marcano very well . fabreagas to support him and when these two worked the ball none of the chelsea players came to continue that play and use that advantage and use the positon of the ball . so out of sheer frustration fabreagas crossed the ball knowing he had nobody in there to target since costa was there with him wide . chelsea were poor on their offense . chelsea need from their midfield to support their front players and it was not there while porto's midfield supported very well to the front line chelsea's middle line was very poor . what can fabregas do when he has no confidence in mikel and ramires that they can bring the ball and keep the play rolling and not loose the ball . ramires had some beautiful positons in the game where he got some space and time on the ball in the hole but was not able to use it properly although his run led to the goal .
most importantly chelsea's playes were sleeping in the game and and the second goal was an evidence of that . although mouriniho made changes in the second half but untill then imbula had come into his element in his element and had started imposing himself on the game . he was good  as was neves the kid was very good on the ball .his game reading was very good and also his ability to release players in the space was very good . there were some individual battles in the match notably with willian against peraira and brahimi against ivanovic .