Saturday, 26 September 2015


now spurs played city at home . spurs started with a 4-4-1-1 combination while city started with 4-2-1-3 combination . spurs started with a very young lineup . they had dier and alli in the middle while city had fernanado who was first time starting this season along with fernandiniho. toure started behind aguero while for spurs kane started upfront with sun behind him . spurs had eriksen and lamela on the wide while city had sterling and de bruyne on the wide . spurs had Alderweireld  and vertoghen with davies and walker in the back four . city had Demichelis and otamendi with kolarov and sagna in the back four .
now the first started with spurs started with spurs trying to press but quickly settled to sit back and hold shape and discipline . now in the first half spurs were trying to play out from the back and try to open city with their passing and ball movement . majority of their offense was from right side with lamela ,sun and eriksen involved who was coming inside of the left and getting involved in the play. for the first half eriksen was the player . to be honest spurs could had opened city properly had they been a little patient with their play and their deliveries . if you had seen city's back four could had been kept occupied with kane or sun and if you could see then their was a considerable space between city's back four the middle two . it was because fernandiniho was worried about eriksen as he was told to keep a tab on him and he was doing a decent job on him . fernando didnt had the discipline to quickly drop deep and close the space between back four and middle . had one of the spurs player dropped into that space then it was their for the taking . but spurs couldnt capitalize on that .
now for city in the first half for city de bruyne was the best player for them . he knew when to switch the play and when to come inside and when to stay wide . his vision was very good . now city had toure behind aguero but he wasnt very close to aguero instead their was a  lot of space between him and aguero . it was because he was stretching spurs vertically trying to get the space between back four and midfield so that he can play de bruyne and sterling in the space . spurs CB's very afraid of aguero's pace and very reluctant to go and close him . he was getting all kind of space between the lines where on he could collect the ball and run on the defenders . vertroghen and Alderweireld were very just backtracking and letting him have all the fun. to be honest spurs were fortunate not to go down early in the first half . now dier was trying to mark toure and at time he and alli lacked the organisational discipline to take their proper positions in front of the back four . to be honest toure was playing behind aguero and but he was not making run in the box but was staying just off the box rather trying to come inside the box and provide the aerial threat or provide an alternative for cross .
now for the city goal spurs made two mistakes . first that they gave the ball away cheaply . secondly eriksen should had taken a card and clipped toure so that he could had prevented the goal . this point was very well pointed out by the commetator
jim crawford .
now the second half was very different to the first half . now city were playing with a high line just as they did in the juventus game where on the back four tries to stand just off the box and tries to catch the other side offside . now in the second half spurs changed the approach . they started to play traditional english football with trying to find kane with long balls . now city's centre backs were not any match for kane in the running game and most importantly kane was getting wide to collect the ball where on he would move into space left by the full backs . he would collect the ball and spurs attack would be on. now this approach started to pay dividends for spurs as they could fine kane and then move forward and then eriksen and lamela would come and join the attack . spurs were able to score three more goals because city were all over the space in the second half and simple defending errors  cost city . city made the changes but they could not affect the outcome of the game . spurs played deep and then had more players so there was no space for city to work with .he shifted de bruyne in the middle but by that time the game was more than over . had it been earlier then we could had seen a better game .

now in the match alli started the match in the middle along side dier . i think both need to learn the trade and make decisions on and off the ball and should choose better options where on the play continues on . his work is just not to pass the ball but need to give the option to pass back and continue the play . they both need to stamp their authority on the game .
to be honest i would really like some comment as to what did i missed during the game and your takes on the game .