Monday, 7 September 2015


yesterday's game against turkey for the dutch was the most lacklusture game that i had seen so far played by the dutch from the time i had started watching them . they were very flat ,unimaginative and lacked fight . they looked like an underdog in the contest and the score line doesnt lie .
now yesterday against tukey the dutch started the game with 4-2-3-1 with van persie up top and sneijder behind him with memphis and narsing wide on flanks . blind and klaasen in front of the back four with vanderwiel,bruma ,devrij and riedewald in the back four . while turkey had 4-3-3 with yimaz at top and turan and chalongolu besides him . while oguzan,selchuk and ozan in the middle . to be honest i am not that familiar with the turkish back four .
now during the game turkey started the game playing deep sitting back and soaking pressure and
hitting dutch on the counter attack . the dutch played a very high line and they tried to close turks quickly and win the ball back but they clearly lacked a clear cohesion in attack as well as defense. now why i said dutch were unimaginative is because they clearly couldnt use the ball when they had it and their offensive moves were not more than 3 to four passes . the turks could clearly read as to what was going to come and prepare for it . let me explain the dutch had congested the central zone so the dutch had plenty of space on the flanks but whenver memphis and narsing had the ball they would just try to dribble the ball or make a cross for van persie for which the turks were prepared . only once did i say narsing combine with van persie and had a clear shot at goal but other than that memphis looked like a person who was playing with a half heart . there was no cohesion between sneijder,van persie,narsing and depay . the midfield duo of klaasen blind had no role on the offensive front not one of them came out of the midfield to join the front four to join on offense and the dutch clearly lacked numbers in the opposition half . most importantly i saw the fullbacks only make one or two runs beyond the wingers . now my whole point to write this was that the wingers crossed the ball too early to the van persie where they could had passed the ball more and tried to have a better penetration and stretch the oppostion out of position . but the dutch handed the ball to the turks very easily and were very hopeless on the offensive front . to be honest i sensed a clear lack of direction as to what they were trying to do . daley blind should had demanded more from the team . his team were too direct from the teams that i had seen over the years ( except for van gal's world cup team who just sat back and hit on counter and that's why had no style at all ) who would move the ball very well and carve out a clear opening .this was for the first half .
now in the first half sneijder was the only man behind van persie and daley blind did saw that he needs to have one more man who would play along side sneijder and explore that hole properly so he replaced de vrij with winaldeum and made him play along side sneejder and play behind van persie and for atleast 5 min everybody thought that they would play proper football and carve out a opening and winaldeum missing a sitter . but after 5 min dutch again reverted to their orignal plan and started bombarding ball's in the box for no avail . his other two subs made no impact .
now the turks knew they clearly lacked pace in the back four so they just sat back deep and denied too much space to the dutch . they closed the central area so that sneijder wouldnt exploit it . when they had they ball they used it well and one of the reason for that had been yilmaz's tireless running who would run channel's come deep and link with his midfielders and help them out to move the ball . his movement was responsible for the first goal which caused the split in the defense and oguzhan's run was properly spotted by turan for a clear shot on goal . the other came because of blind's mistake and the third one was a clear foul which the referee did not give . to be honest all and all the turks were better in all departments and they clearly used the ball well . they knew when  they should try to close down the dutch or when should they hold and get in shape and discipline and let the dutch work them up .
it looks like if such type of performances continue then i think we wont see robben and company in next year's euro's .