Wednesday, 21 October 2015


now yesterday arsenal played bayern munich at their home . arsenal started with a 4-2-3-1 combination or say 4-4-1-1 on defense while munich started with 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3  . now even though munich started with 4-3-3 their formation was quite fluid .
arsenal had bellerin,mrtasacker,koscilny and monreal in the back four with czorla and coquelin in front of the back four . sanchez ,ozil and ramsey started behind walcott who was playing as a lone striker . while bayern started with lahm,boetang,alaba and bernat in the back four with alonso in front of the back four . while muller,thiago,vidal and costa played in behind lewandowski .
now bayern started by playing a high line while arsenal started the game by sitting deep with two banks of four and even ozil dropping to help the middle four to make the numbers . so arsenal were trying to sit deep and soak munich's pressure and hit them on the counter .arsenal were playing pretty compact but still bayern were able to find space between the lines plus bayern had space on the flanks since bellerin and monreal were not told to go and chase costa and muller since they let kosicelny and merta
sacker exposed . so they were very conservative on the defense.  they had the first meaningful chance of the game at 7 min when on walcott scuffed his shot from inside the box . now in the bayern formation muller was hugging the touch line trying to stretch the defense while thigo was dropping in besides muller with lahm   on the right flank trying to overload it and carve out an opening through that zone . another thing that bayern were doing was that lewandowski wasnt staying on shoulders of the last defender but instead was coming deep and collectiong the pass and trying to run on the defenders . he was particularly doing this against mertasacker who is not good and on occasion was saved by bellerin when lewandowski had nearly runed in the box and was ready to pull the trigger . now lewandowski was coming deep but mertasacker wasnt coming out of the defense to close him down but staying in his position and maintaining the shape and discipline. now thigo and lewandowksi and thiago were constantly finding space between the lines and on such space he and muller nearly carved out an opening . bayern were all over arsenal in the first half .
another angle of bayern attack was through costa and his direct running . now costa's crosses had been one of the success for bayern this season but here he wasnt crossing in behind the back four but was trying to cross between the lines and find somebody in between the lines . now arsenal were trying to play on the counter attack and even in the first half bellerin was one who was on the forefront with his running on the counter with him getting beyond ramsey on the counter .
the important aspect of bayern game was way they controlled the tempo of the game .now on 35 min arsenal created the best chance of the half through monreal crossing to walcott who's shot was blocked by neur .  now after this bayern just slowed the game and made just steamed the flow of arsenal's counter . now arsenal took the initiative after this and were trying to press bayern for the first time in the match first time and nearly caught neur .
now in the second half bayern changed the formation with muller trying to run behind the back four with arsenal playing slightly up . now in the second half bayern changed their personal with vidal going wide and costa coming in and trying to run on the back four while muller making runs behind the back four from wide positions but they were content on shooting from distance . they were blessed with some chances with individual mistakes by some arsenal players who were not ready to release the ball early  and nearly paying for it .
bayern changed alonso and vidal on the 71  min and arsenal sensed a chance in that . with the change arsenal started pressing more and got the success on one of the free kicks and the second one was result of good game reading by bellerin who intercepted a pass to bernat and started the counter on which ozil scored .
now let me talk about the game in general although arsenal won the game but i think munich were the better team they controlled the tempo but were unable to penetrate arsenal's defense . arsenal need to do more if they are to show that they are a good team then they need to play good offense when they have the ball . they try to go too direct when on the counter when there in no continuation to that offense . instead when they have the ball they should try to make good decisions on the ball and should try to keep the ball and move the ball better and show that they are good ball playing team when they have the ball .there is no bad in sitting back and hitting on the counter but when you have the ball you need to show your class . there are some arsenal players who wont release the ball early which in turn helps the oppositon who can close them down or dispossess  them or they allow the opposition to regroup since the time you spend on the ball .  you slow down the game and in turn allow the opposition to regroup or dispossess you or the player whom you pass the ball . sanchez  gave the ball 3 times in his own half and could have cost arsenal the game . czorla too at times too is guilty of spending time on the ball and in turn giving up the possession or slowing the game . the best player in the game was ozil who made very good decisions on the ball he showed his class . let me tell on 65 min instead of going direct arsenal could have played the ball around and carved something out . atleast could had showed that they could play and keep the ball and can create chance when they have the ball . most importantly arsenal have the players who can pass and keep the ball and create problem for the oppostion . all and all a moral boosting win for arsenal but bayern will have to find answers and i think they will in the return match   .