Sunday, 25 October 2015


now yesterday celtavigo played madrid . now before i start the analysis i just want to say that the real president florentino perez is very fond of beautiful football but the three big name managers that he had appointed under him had  the team playing on the counter rather than playing beautiful football which perez desires . mouriniho' team was all counter attacking and when opposition sits back and asked them open up then they struggled to open them up . ancelotti's team was no different and can be put in that category . while i had watched real this term and i find that they are not going to any different . the tactics are different which i will talk about next .
now yesterday celtavigo and real madrid started the the game with the same formation with both playing 4-3-3 . let me be honest but i was watching celtavigo for the first time do it was difficult for me to get to know their players . i only knew aspas a couple of times at liverpool while i had watched nolito in the spain game . so those players with wass who was the only pure blonde on the pitch was disctinct to me . now real had danillo,varane,ramos and marcelo in the back four . while casmiero in the front of the back four with kross on the left while modric on the right side . jesse,ronaldo and vasquez were the front three . while for celtavigo nolito,aspas and orellana in the front with hernandez ,wass and fernandez in the middle three while the back four consisted of mallo ,jonny ,cabral and gomez in the back four .
the game started with real starting to press celtavigo and hitting them on the counter . now even though real's midfield and the front three were pressing but the real back four were not coming that high they were much deeper than the paris game . they would come with the player but were not trying to play a high line and let celtavigo have space behind the back four to explore since both aspas and nolito do have decent space . while on the other hand celtavigo also were playing deeper . they like to stretch the game since the space they can create they can use and they use it well . celtavigo players are very good on the ball . they are very comfortable on it and dont get bogged in one on one situation . madrid on the other had wanted to press celtavigo and start the counter under benitez the team has really started to take shape . what real were doing in this match was that real were moving the ball from the flanks . there preference was on the left since jesse, kross and marcelo there with ronaldo dropping to stretch the back four and get one of the centre backs to come with him and disrupt the back four . while lucas vasquez too would come and cross over and join attack trying to overload the flank . now on one such occasion real were lucky to get the ball from back to front  since celtavigo were pressing  intensely . jesse moved the ball from the left while ronaldo made a channel run from centre to wide and crossed the ball to ronaldo who finished brilliantly fooling the defender with his run.
celtavigo too had a good offense . nolito was remaining high up the pitch on the left . he first set up orellana in the space between the line . now when  you watch the game you could see that there was considerable amount of space between real back four the middle three which celtavigo were not able to explore . nolito at times can be said that he gets over selfish and tries the shot rather than crossing for the player who are in  better position . orellana was constantly coming inside and getting in the position in between the line  where on he was constantly causing trouble for real madrid . at times aspas was coming deep to help in moving the ball . but none of the back four were coming out with him . i think casmiero's game reading needs to improved since he constantly trying to press but should also conside whether he is leaving space which can be explored by the opposition .
the second goal from real madrid was the same like the first but the addition was vasquez had moved into one zone and  it left the right zone completely open which let to danillor running clear of nolito his opposite number and scoring the goal . real moved the ball very well in triangles wth marcelo and jesse being in top form . danillo wasnt getting proper defensive attention from nolito who seem to very lazy on defensive duties . after the first the goal real had dropped deep while after the second goal real just relaxed and allowed celtavigo the ball and instead of pressing sat back and hold the shape and countered . celtavigo had some decent chances and navas made some very good saves but the game was over on 57" min when cabral saw the red card for protesting . i think the ref just lost it and made the game hopeless .
now aspas was playing as the centre forward for so the aerial battle was lost . he cannot outjump varane and ramos on any day . while real moved the ball perfectly as a team .celtavigo were dependent on orellana and nolito majorly to open up the oppostion while orellana showed flexibility in his positioning and nolito kept on stretch real i think aspas should had done more . i think real countered celtavigo and aspas very well . they played deep and played aspas in front of them rather than letting him on the shoulder for his trademark run . by playing deep they denied him the space to run. now this is where aspas has short comings and that is why he never was successful at liverpool because he cannot link properly with his wingers and create space for them . i think it would be perfect that they look for plan b other than aspas when he cannot be effective .