Monday, 19 October 2015


now yesterday inter played juventus at the san siro . inter had 4-2-3-1 formation with icardi leading the line while jovetic,brozovic and perisic behind the icardi . melo and medel were in front of the back four which consisted of jesus,meruillo ,miranda and santon . while juventus started with the 3-5-2 formation with moratta and zaza upfront . while evara and cuadrado were wingbacks . marchisio played in front of the back four while pogba was on the left while khadeira was on the right . while the back three consisted of brazagali,bonucci and chiellini .
now the game started with a good pace with inter trying to press juve and start the counter . inter showed a good amount of energy for the first 20 min . they were playing a high line trying to press juve and making them play from the back . in this pressing the best chance of the first half to juve when inter tried to press juve worked the ball through zaza and passed it to cuadrado who he took  one too many touches to shoot the ball and scuffed the shot . while inter were pressing the ball and trying to  win it back juve werer sitting back and letting the ball come into the midfield and then press it . they were allowing inter's centre backs time and space on the ball and were not pressing them . instead waiting for the ball to come into the midfield and then press it aggesively . juve also were playing a deep line . but the real hero of the game was jovetic who was the real instigator and  creator of all the inter's offense . he was playing behind icardi and was combining very well with perisic . they were trying to overload the left flank since cuadrado was coming back on defense to mid line and then letting brazagali take on perisic rather than going on with him . jovetic was very good yesterday . he won all his individual battle . his positioning was very intelligent . he would start upfront but will come deep to collect the ball and start the offense . he was dribbling well and was the thorn in the juve's side . marchisio was the man who was suppose to mark him but not one time did marchisio  could win a one on one against jovetic . secondly jovetic's movement was the real headache for juve . they were uncertain as to whether he would come inside or go wide . his movement created space for perisic and inter's offense was all about him. the only drawback in the game was that jovetic didnt got the proper support from icardi . had icardi showed a little intelligence and imagination with his movement and ball playing quality then jovetic would had been able to have more penetration . while at time he had to be contend from taking the shots from out of the box .

now inter continued to press aggressively for the first 20 min but after that they too started to sit back and defend with numbers behind the ball . now on juve's offense cuadrado was getting the space on the right flank just because his defensive duties were shared with brazagali who would take his man when he  would come beyond half line . cuadrado was having the space because perisic was getting caught high on the pitch on offense while juan jesus was reluctant to come out of the back four so cuadrado had all the space and time on the ball . so when cuadrado had the ball allegri tried to stretch the defense by asking khadeira to go beyond cuadrado on the right flank and overload it . although juve were able to bring the ball upfront but they were unable to penetrate inter's defense . since inter had started to play deep . their middle line  and back four played a very good  defensive game and denied juve any space between the lines when the ball came deep on the flanks . in the first half miranda and co. not coming out of the back four to close down moratta who was coming deep and start the offense and help his midfield on possession and get it upfield . both of the teams were cancelling out each other in the midfield so at times they were going direct . in that muriello hit some good passes from the back four  to find jovetic .  but he could had payed for his smartness where he tried to dribble his opposite number and got caught early in the 2nd half .
now in the match for me inter lacked a smart centre forward who could had linked with jovetic and perisic while  juve lacked a proper no.10 ( tevez) . the 2nd half was like the first half and cuadrado's time spending on the ball was getting frustating . secondly he wasnt able to find a juve player in the box . because all of the juve's offense was from the right side . the best chance or move constructed by the juve was however from the left side by pogba and evara who combined nicely to get the ball deep into inter's box but again failed to find the finish .

now juve are playing 3-5-2 which they had been playing at the start of the season but they lack the quality in the side . khadeira is playing in vidal's position but to be honest he hasnt got the quality or guile while going forward because vidal  wouldnt just cross the ball but instead would look for alternatives and make better decisions . cuadrado needs to stop spending time on the ball while zaza has the energy but looks  more like a sasullo player . while juve too needs to help zaza they need to have player around him quickly when he has the ball and lesser his burden on the ball .
all and all the game was about jovetic who was the most electric player in this game . he was the player who carried inter and was the reason why inter had a decent offense and caused all the problem for juve but he lacked support from other players . if he could have that support from other players then i dont doubt that inter can be in the UCL next season .