Monday, 26 October 2015


now the anlysis of the game is on  espn and the lineups are all there so i would just present my take . now first of all you had said that schneiderlin and schweni were passing the ball sideways . now the central area was very congested . now only fernandiniho and fernando were there but you could see that toure too was dropping deep and trying to congest the space in the middle . infact it was the first time that city were giving utd respect but sitting back and playing on the counter or else it would be other way around on all times untill now . the numbers were not there for utd in the middle and more so utd had better player at the wings like martial and valencia who are better runners and are good in one on one situation . if you had seen utd tried to release to rooney in the channels but rooney just couldnt keep the ball . part may be because he has lost considerable weight compared to time when he used to play there so the physical battle wasnt his strong suit plus i agree he is technically very poor ,cant use two foot and let an open ally for the defender to nick the ball off him .
 second was that mata was having very less area to work with . if you had watched closely then you would had seen that mata was closed down very quickly by fernandiniho  or toure whenever he had the ball . they were not letting him anytime on the ball . but i do have reservations about mata on the offense he never sticks on the wings so that wing he plays  is compromised so that utd cannot fully stretch their opponents . he needs too many touches and too much time on the ball . in the match he even once conceded the possession and had to take the card to stop the counter .
now about rooney who was awful . yes no doubt that he was awful and yes technically hopeless but van gal also knows this . now if you had watched real this season why not make rooney play ronaldo why not let him move and join the attack and stretch the defense . secondly why keep martial binded to one postion i mean mata has the lisence to come inside and join the attack then why not martial . just think how dangerous he will be if he is the lisence to roam . the defense will be on  its toes as to whether he will remain wide or cut inside and that in turn can create space for player like schweni and herrera who are good enough to use it .
now about city . you have  to note that schneiderlin was kepping good tap on toure and did disposses him a couple of times so an individual battle was going in the middle over there .  you blamed toure but i think the plan was correct to take the ball wide and then try to find toure or bony on the cross but credit has to be given to rojo and valencia. who just didnt gave any joy to KDB and and sterling on the ball . .  they  just eat them in the tracks .  i think playing valencia was a very good decision by LVG . he must have watched or taken suggestion from giggs who must had told had him as to how valencia had eaten sterling previously and i havent found  any player who had beaten valencia . for me toure was playing too deep and was mainly concerned with utd rather than thinking about city's offense . plus utd kept good tab on bony who was coming wide to help the offense but smalling didnt offered him time on the ball and came out of the defense and didnt let any time on the ball for bony . but little blame can be put on toure because he wasnt able to properly help sterling and KDB .