Thursday, 15 October 2015


untill now the team had been carried by robben but his injury had been the major factor in dutch meltdown since he was the one responsible for all the dutch offense . while anybody would credit or not but absence of nigel de jong had too been one of the factors . now the dutch style of play had been long gone . to be honest from the days of van basten being incharge of the team the team had been playing on counter and it had been carried on by some individuals with inform players like sneijder ,van persie and robben so the style was long gone . the dutch playing the flowing passing game was all gone . here it was all dependent on the individual qualities of the players rather than the team playing and once the individuals were absent or on decline the teams fortune dwindled . in the last 10 years the dutch just looked at the results rather than the team play and that is why they find themselves in this situation .
now on tuesday netherlands played the czeck republic for a place in the uefa uero play off . now their fate wasnt in their hands and the result in the match between turkey vs iceland was also important . now this one match isnt the one that was real cause of dutch meltdown . to be honest when i watched the dutch play in this match then i thought that i was watching the irish play in dutch orange . they played the same long ball game that the irish were playing .
now lets start of the match . now let me clarify that i would be able to describe the czecks as clearly as i can with the dutch team . the reason being that i was watching the czecks the first or second team and the players in the czeck team ( except cech ) are not that much seen or dont play for big team . so for i cannot descirbe their game very precisely . now the dutch started the match with a 4-3-3 formation but it also had its loop holes . tete,bruma,van dijk and riedewald were the back four with danny blind in front of them . while sneijder was playing just ahead of blind but playing deep . weijnauldum was playing behind huntellar in the hole while depay and al gazi were on the wings . the dutch wanted to play a very open game and wanted to stretch their opponents . while on the other hands the czecks were very conservative they formed two banks of four when they lost the ball and attacked on the counter . the most surprising thing was the complete lack of style and the hurry that the dutch had on getting the ball forward and crossing it in the box or getting the ball towards czecks goal . now the dutch centrebacks were quite some time on the ball . now since blind and at times sneijder man marked out of the game huntellar tried to come deep and collect the ball and start the offense but he too was very much very well marked by the czeck players and was nullified . plus when you put the ball to centre forward then you need to have players around him to whom he can pass but huntellar wasnt couldnt do that and the dutch couldnt provide him the proper support . now the second point of attack was to pass the ball to depay or al gazi . now here lies the problem . they had time on the ball but they were just content on crossing the ball rather than trying to take the ball much deeper by passing the ball and have more penetration . the postions from where they crossed it could had been much more better and more deeper than the ones they crossed . they crossed from the edge of the box while they could had taken the ball much deeper or even tried to get themselves beyond huntelllar which sadly nobody tried . the dutch were just in  a hurry . they were just crossing the ball in the flurry . to be honest had it been the earlier dutch team then the wingers would had been patient they would had passed the ball far more times and would had tried to open the opponents with their passing  and movement which was very much lacking over here . plus i rarely saw a move which had more that  passes in the game and the dutch didnt shoot or crossed the ball .
now daley blind did realised that danny blind was getting man marked in the game and secondly huntellar didnt had any support around him . so he made the necessary change by bringing van persie in place of reidewald and getting support of hunellar . he brought weijnauldum deeper in support of sneijder who started to play in place of blind . after this the dutch  game just became  a long ball game and they just lobbed the ball on the heads of huntellar and van persie . the czecks were holding their last line just beyond the box and the dutch were determined to exploit this space but they never tried to out pass their opponents and the team looked devoid of direction and tactics . when van persie scored an own goal through header in the second half i stopped to watch the game and slept .
now in the opening 30 min what the czecks were doing what was that when they lost the ball they would form 2 banks of four and wait for the dutch to bring the ball forward . they man marked blind so that he cannot start the offense they were very much successful in marking him out of the game . now the dutch problem was that they were too much open both al gazi and depay were hugging the touch lines and were very high up the pitch while weijnauldum was just behind huntellar with sneijder joining them . so what it meant was that on the counter there wasnt enough protection for the dutch on the defense coupled with their individual errors which led them to being down 2 goals inside 30 min . another reason being that the czecks outplayed their opponents on the floor . they passed the ball better . they excelled in one on one situations and they had a better organisation than the dutch . all and all the dutch were outplayed and out muscled out of the game and the better side won .