Monday, 12 October 2015


now yesterday ireland poland in their home and this fixture was crucial for both as win for both teams  . it would had meant automatic qualification for both teams . now i am trying to do analysis in terms of ireland here . the reason being that i dont certain polish players so  i couldnt track their movements so i cannot form an accurate picture of the game but will try my best .
now yesterday ireland started the game with a 4-3-3 formation with poland doing the same . now there had been  some differences with ireland  in the game with germany and poland but the approach was the same . the reason i am writing  is that martin o niel is  incharge of this team for the last 20 games and he  cannot instill a style in this team . nor did i find any particular approach with which they were going to open up the opposition . the question with his team is always been whats next . who ever has the ball then he is faced with the dilema as to what to do next who is he going to pass the ball . yes they are playing long ball but it too requires some ball playing quality . yes the forward holds the ball or wins the first header and gets the ball for your team but what after that . whether you take it wide and whip a cross inside the box or do you pass the ball and combine to open opposition up . i certainly found ireland wanting . the only positives were some players who were comfortable over the ball and with their individual quality  but are unable to do the whole job unless they get the proper support from their team  .
now yesterday's game was very fast with teams trying to press each other very aggresively and trying to win the ball early and hit the opposition . both the teams approach was the same they were trying to find their forwards early . poland were trying to find lewandowski while ireland were trying to find long and continue from their on . for ireland walters was trying to get beyond long while for poland both wingers were getting beyond lewandowski depending upon the zone . both lewandowski and long were tightly marked by their opposite numbers . but the difference here was the balls that were passed to these forwards while long was contesting for all aerial duels . lewandowski on the other hand was passed floor balls and they were from some considerable less distance which too is a factor . the difference had been the supporting cast and the midfield and the forward line and its quality . poland's midfield were able to play some very good floor football and pass the ball in tight situations and were work out the zones . while for ireland as i had said earlier the questions was always there of whats next . lack of approach play was irelands weakest link .
poland started with a bit of a stutter but after 10 started to put the ball down and started to play with confidence . the reason was because of some individual were able to stamp their authority on the game . lewandowski and Krychowiak were able to stamp their authority on the game . just as leawandowski was getting influential in the final third Krychowiak was the reason for that . he was breaking all ireland's offense and starting the offense most importantly he was making very smart decisions on the ball . his passing was accurate and his support to the play was also very good . this is the kind of player that are wanted by premier league teams .
now as i had said that i had watched both ireland's game i was amazed at the players selection . why was wesley hoolahan dropped . he was the sole reason that ireland any kind of offense in the german game . i really dont understand what is the role of the midfielders in the team . first off atleast in this game oshea and keogh were coming out of the defense and marking lewandowski but in the german game they were not ready to come out of the defense . the midfield were chasing and were leaving a considerable space for the germans to explore . i would only find fault in the germans game that they were not able to explore that space between the lines . i was finding it hard to find what role jeff hendrick has in this team or is he just making numbers . clearly the irsih needs a better coach than matin o niel .