Sunday, 4 October 2015


now yesterday sevilla played barcelona at home . sevilla started with a 4-3-3 or even can say a 4-4-2 while barca started with their familiar with their familiar 4-3-3 formation . now thing with sevilla's formation is that vitolo played very high up the pitch but kept coming back to defend against his opposite number alaba so their can be flotation between 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 . either way who ever wants to take which formation is on his discretion .
now for sevilla Kolodzieczak and andronelli started as centrebacks with koke and Trémoulinas as the fullbacks . while nzonzi and Krychowiak were central midfield duo krohndelhi was on the left while vitolo was on the right . the forwards were iborra and grameiro . barca made changes following injuries . pique was joined by mathieu as the central defensive pair while alaba and roberto were the fullbacks . mascherano played in the midfield in front of the back four with busquestus on his left and rakitic on the right . while the front three consist of neymar,suarez and munir .
now the game started with a very good tempo and it continued till the end . now there had some change in the barca stratergy lately where on they seem to have turn the page and gone to take a leaf out of gaurdiola's era and start pressing . now there were some characteristics to barca's offense . whenever the ball was moved from right flank of barca then neymar would come inside and try to collect the ball in the middle while suarez will drop on the left trying to stretch the defense and in turn keep right back busy who's opposite number was neymar . what would do this was when suarez was moving in neymar's zone was that the right back couldnot move out of the defense to go with neymar and that would meant neymar was virtually free to collect the ball with no opposite number to mark him . suarez was trying to stretch the defense and which gave space for neymar to run into so that he  can create trouble which could be exploited. they did that very good in the first with barca having very good chances being created by neymar for suarez . on the 14 th min he tuened very nicely on nzonzi and Krychowiak and slip the ball who should had finished it . neymar was the total influence in the first half for barca . barca was having ample space to play because sevilla's front three were not coming back to defend so barca could stretch sevilla and they did that with space on both flanks . the middle line was getting too stretched and barca were taking full advantage of it . only their finishing was lacking .
now while barca were doing this sevilla were trying to hit barca on every counter and they were having quite the success in  it to cause problem's and the reason for that was gamiero and his hard running . now barca were playing high line which was leaving too much space behind to run . iborra was coming slightly deep and releasing gamiero in the space he would run the ball on either flanks and bring the midfield and wing backs into play who would come and join them on offense . secondly even though on defense krohn-delhi was playing as a left sided played on offense he was moving inside and playing behind the front three. he was quite effective and made very correct decision's on the ball and choosing correct player to pass the ball . him moving inside was confusing barca since they didnt know as to whether he would stay inside or again go wide in his natural positon to join Trémoulinas. vitolo remaining high up the pitch means alaba was kept on his toes and was very cautious of his movement not let vitolo slip .
the main problem had been gamiero who was with running causing all sort of problems to barcelona . both of the sevilla's goal came on the counter and because of gamiero's running . now as soon sevilla scored the goal they started to play deep compared to what they had been playing . vitoloa who was moving high up the pitch joined his middle three to defend  the lead they had against barca .
in the second half barca tried to change things with maschrano went to his positon in the back four and barca went on the offensive and that was helped by sevilla's changes . sevilla bought llorente in place of iborra and reyes in place of gamiero and it handed the advantage to barca because they didnt had to worry about gamiero's running behind the defense anymore . plus llorente was very well handeled by pique who took upon himself to guard llorente . just as the minutes passed by sevilla became more and more compact and tried to defend the one goal lead .
barca lost the game not because they defended poorly but because they were unable to finish what was created . last but not the least but the ref was  stupid and i dont know how but how can he give Trémoulinas penalty when he didnt even move the hand towards the ball . all a very good and open game .