Monday, 18 January 2016


now yesterday man utd played liverpool at anfield . the game was best summarised by the commentators that the level of game play was very much like their league positions . the game wasnt a classic and none of the teams werent the dominant one . the most important statistics that needs to checked is the number of misplaced passes and the turnover that happened in the game . liverpool jurgen klopp and commentators jim beglin said that liverpool deserved to have a draw atleast . liverpool had more shots during the game than utd but if cannot what you create or you get the ball till the final third but fail to carve an opening then that dominance is of no use .
now yesterday both the team started the game with same formation with liverpool starting firmino as the forward with lallana and milner alongside him . while lucas ,can and henderson starting in the middle in front of the back four . clyne,toure,sakho and moreno were in the back four . for utd rooney was upfront with martial and lingraad besides him . while schneiderlin,herrera and fellaini in the midfield . the back four consisted of young,smalling,blind and darmian.
the game had a decent pace to it . liverpool were sitting back and not trying to close down utd as what jurgen klopp's team had been doing . instead they were allowing utd to come into the midfield and then start to press . the reason why klopp might not had asked his team to press so earnestly because the teams were lacking a proper back four with toure being the weak link and if they try to play high up the pitch then he can get caught in the foot race . so klopp asked his team to play deep and because of it they had to play on the counter . now whenever  van gal is interviewed he always makes one remark in particular that he likes his team to keep the ball and move it better . to be honest this is  his failure  in determining the tactics and making game plan which suits his players rather than asking too much of the player who really dont have the quality to carry out his game plan . the players which were available today cannot carry out his game plan or what van gal and his philosophy desires . this is the first one failure the second was the game plan . yesterday he asked schneiderlin to play at the base of the middle three with herrera and fellaini pushed up . the trouble with utd is that there is too much space between the lines secondly there is nobody who will go beyond ronney . thirdly they move the ball much too slowly to trouble their opponents . now what van gal wishes is that the forward line stretches the defenses and keeps the ball or one can in this case ( martial ) run on defense and create the opening . if not then they should keep the ball and move it and let the fullbacks come into play and then create an opening through intricate ball movement but he is forgetting one thing that he hasnt got the players who can play this . they havent got the quality . except for martial and herrera utd dont have quality players . you cannot play through rooney he is hopeless . under pressure rooney cannot pass the ball or even at times fails to keep it . the only joy that he had in recent games was against chelsea where on john terry didnt came out to close him down where he had the time on the ball even though there was very little space to work with .
now liverpool were sitting back and trying to hit on the counter . they dint had a proper centre forward around who they could base their game . liverpool's formation was fluid with 4-3-3 changing to 4-4-2 with lallana and firmino up top . utd had too much of space between their lines so firmino and lallana could come inside and help their team to move the ball or relive them of the pressure because the midfield had some fierce battles going on with lucas dropping on fellaini and can battling schneiderlin and herrera and henderson getting in the mix . now the space that liverpool were exploiting and why klopp thought that his team should have got something out of the game was the space in front of the back four . now united pushed fellaini and herrera up top with rooney ,martial and lingaard up top so there was lot of space that was there in front of the back four to exploit with schneiderlin only there to guard that space . so there was a lot of space to exploit . other thing was that milner or lallana could cut inside without anybody any interference and then try to find player on the other flank with a long and stretch utd defense who would try to gather onto one flank . the other thing that was working for liverpool with utd players coming to close down liverpool players . liverpool move the ball and really leave them stranded . even though liverpool having so much of the ball and they had a decent penetration but failed to carve out proper chances except for one or two which de gea expertly parried . to behonest in the first half liverpool would make good use of the ball where on the first half they played good passess with sakho  and others . i thought that like dutch football they would out pass the opposition and draw out the opposition and open them up but then the ball came to henderson and he just gave the possession away. liverpool needs to have a decent plan and carry it out they cannot expect to play on the counter that what jurgen teams are best of and second is depending on players quality to carry them out because they can have a bad day .
to be honest last season teams were able to stop dortmund and at times he just couldnt change things other than changing personal or make changes or try something different like hiddink who expertly went direct against everton when he saw that he cannot out play them on the floor . even in his last game against wolfsburg he couldnt change things and lost . i think he needs to incorporate benteke in his plans and not leave him out just because he doesnt plays to klopp's style but should be fluid with his plans .
van gal is playing schneiderlin at the base of midfield where on he is responsible for protecting the back four and starting the offense and recycling the possession . but schneiderlin's game is different . he likes to play long balls and like typical english midfielder he likes to tackle but doesnt likes to move and his ground game is not that good . to depend on him to recylce possession or keep the game ticking is not great and most importantly his game reading is poor . it would be better to move him.
all and all both are poor and it would be better to improve themselves or  both could finish out of top four this season .