Monday, 22 February 2016


now yesterday dortmund played leverkusen in their home . for the first time in my life i saw a referee taking a defenitive action and walking out of the pitch because the one of the coaches hadnt followed his orders . robert schmidt had not only let his team down but also let the game down . he should had left the dugout when he was given the order to go to the stands . instead he kept arguing and let his team down. i think the referee's action's were perfectly correct when he found robert schmidt not cooperating . i think a harsher punishment should be dealt to schmidt so that no other manager wouldnt dare to behave so irresponsibly .
leverkusen and dortmund team lineups
leverkusen started the game with their tried and tested 4-4-2 formation. keibling and hernandez started the game as forwards . while mehmedi and bellarabi were the wide players . kampl and kramer were the two player sitting in front of the back four . the back four consisted of jedvaj,tah,toprak and wendell . dortmund started the game with their 4-3-3 formation with obemeyang up top with mikhitariyan and pulisic alongside him . while the middle consisted of bender,ginter and leitner . the back four consisted of pisczek,sokratis,hummels and drum .
this is how dortmund move the ball from back to front with abumeyang making wide runs stretching the offense and opening spaces for mikhitariyan and pulisic .
leverkusen go direct to hernandez or keibling who pass out wide to mehmedi or bellarabi to cross in the box . 
 both sides like to play out from the back and both like to take ball up quickly . both like to high press and are very energetic team . they both like to play more on the counter where on they break opposition offense and hit them on a fast counter exploiting the spaces left by them.both teams played deep because each team had a pacy forward who would trouble the opposition with pace and they didnt want to get caught out . they kept the forwards in front of them and started two yards on the goal side of their opposition number .  while dortmund are reliable on abumeyang and mikhitariyan for goals . leverkusen are dependent on their two forwards keibling and hernandez . the first half was a very cagey affair with both teams pressing and not allowing time on the ball for each other . now in the first half tuchel borrowed a page from gaurdiola's page from his time at barcelona where on he would ask busquestus to go deep between two centre which would allow the two fullbacks to bomb forward since they would have the cover of their respective centre back since they would be out wide since busquestus has moved into their space to guard it ( i will shot that in the pic ). but the trouble with both the teams is that they like to take the ball very quickly forward instead of trying to draw out team and play as per the situation . leverkusen too move the ball up very quickly . they try to find keibling or hernandez and then try to play through them . tuchel playing bender deep is because he wanted to help his centre backs deal with leverkusen forwards and have an extra man there to deal with them .
dortmund are very much dependent on abumeyang for his goals . but if the opposition plays deep and defends properly then dortmund can be stopped. plus leverkusen pressing in the middle meant that dortmund couldnt release or pass the ball to abumeyang  through the middle . in  the first half it would be worth nothing as to how many times sokratis and hummels launched the ball towards abumeyang . how many times they fialed to find . the most reliable option for dortmund is mikhitariyan but in the first half he was kept quite and he was guarded extremely tight . now leverkusen's defenders dont like to come out of their positions so abumeyang coming deep and collect the ball and lay it pulisic and mikhitairyan but they were not able to provide the service since leverkusen did a very good job on defense . dortmund lack a no. 10 and their one dimensional game makes it easy for the opposition to read and take proper measures .
 the first half was very cagey with both teams pressing and not having too much joy on the ball . kampl recived first half yellow card so he was taken off at half time and was replaced by ramalho . leverkusen started to sit back in the second half allowing hummels and sokratis time on the ball . dortmund bought reus in the second half and he played on the left . now dortmund started to play what tuchel like to play ( will show in the pic ) . the first goal arrived because leverkusen hadnt recovered from their offensive play and were caught on the wrong side of the ball . first off was ramalho who couldnt read the danger and the second was hilbert who were caught flatfooted . ginter showed the presence of mind to release reus in the space who found abumeyang for score . to be honest even after the goal leverkusen's style never changed and they continued with same way and dortmund just made changes to ensure they kept their lead and have victory .
the game wasnt a very tactical affair even though some may say it . the coaches should be able to determine when they should move the ball faster or when they should move the ball and what they need to do . both tuchel and schmidt appeared to one dimensional with their approach and on offense they didnt appear to offer anything new .