Monday, 1 February 2016


now yesterday milan played inter . before i talk about the game i think the level of italian football has really gone down . italian teams play slow tempo game plus players spent too much time on the ball making the game slow . plus the most important factor that makes the game boring is the number of unforced error's that is the lesser percentage of pass completion rate by the teams  makes the football boring to watch . the teams may play different formations but unless the pass completion rate is not improved or the unforced errors are not reduced then the game will continue to be boring .
now in yesterday's game milan started with the 4-4-2 formation with bacca and niang at the top . while honda and bonaventura were on the wings with montolivo and kuca in front of the back four . the back four consisted of abate,alex,romagnoli and antonelli . inter started with a 4-2-3-1 formation with jovetic uptop supported by peresic,ader and ljajic . while brazovic and  medel played in front of the back four . the back four consisted of santon,miranda,murillo and jesus .
the game had a decent pace about it . it was box to box game with both teams sitting deep . both teams wanted to play out from the back and both teams wanted to press when the ball was upfield and they loose the ball  .  now milan has two upfront but there was little cohesion between bacca and niang . bacca is very good at holding the ball and laying it off to the running player . his link up play is very good . the trouble with milan was that there was no link up play between niang and bacca . niang should had been on the shoulder of the last defender where on bacca could had released him . milan's main offense came through bonaventura and honda on the flanks and milan were committing players in the box on either players cross to score . milan's best player was kuca who was a breath of fresh air in the side . the trouble with kuca was that he was playing in a position where on he couldnt be very adventurous . while many may laud his offensive side but on the defensive front also he was very good . i am not a fan of montolivo . i think he is very slow and takes time on the ball and cant control tempo of the game and like general english midfielders likes to move very little . had it not been kuca then milan could had conceded in the match . milan were generally helped in their game because of inter's one dimensional approach  on offense .
now for inter's offense jovetic is the instigator,creator and most of the times finisher . jovetic at times comes inside to start the move and he releases peresic or llalajic and then play's one two to open the offense . they are very comfortable when the opposition comes to close them down  so that they can play around them and that what milan were doing . milan had pushed antonelli upfront to stop peresic and were trying to press inter high up which jovetic used very nicely . he first released eder behind the back four only for the ref to rule the foul against him . then he secondly released peresic but both time inter couldnt had a decent shot at goal . inter never worked the ball properly to carve out a proper opening . the only one created when jesus crossed for eder but he couldnt finish it but other than that inter just didnt used the ball properly . they were just taking shot from distance and were of no trouble for milan . adam llajalic was just absent in the first half and most of the offense was through jovetic . inter used brazovic in the middle but the game was such and the instructions from mancini must had been to the ball upfield and to jovetic as soon as possible so he couldnt make his mark on the game . neither of the two side tried to control the tempo instead whenever they had the ball their sole ain was to take it upfield and play a forward game and try to hit the oppositon instead of letting him settle down . since both teams played deep both teams were able to handle the pressure that was put on them because they could read the attack . the side that finished won the game and the side which defended poorly lost .
i just watched the game till jovetic went off and i thought that with him coming off inter didnt had any chance in the game and  i wasnt proved wrong ( although they missed a penalty ) .