Sunday, 3 April 2016


yesterday's game by madrid against barcelona was nothing more than audition for zidane as to whether he should be in the dugout for madrid next season . whether he is good enough to take the club forward and can they win things under zidane . then my answer will surprise everyone but i think zidane still has a lot to learn about tactics and management and i dont think he will be in the dugout next season . even though madrid may have won and pundits may be lauding but the way madrid were overwhelmed for most of the match by barcelona then the answer is there in the match itself . madrid win was more because barca just couldnt finish what they were able to carve out and certain positional mistakes by their players which was duly noted by their captain iniesta .
barcelona started the game with their tried and tested 4-3-3 formation with alves,pique,mascherano and alaba in the back four . busquestus was sitting in front of the back four while iniesta and rakitic alongside him. naturally messi starts on the right in the front three but here he was in the middle in the no.10 position while neymar stayed wide on left suarez started on left but kept coming inside . madrid started with 4-3-3 formation . ronaldo,benzema and bale were upfront . while casmeiro was sitting in front of the back four while modric and kroos were along side him. the back four consisted of carvajal,pepe,ramos and marcelo.
the game started with madrid sitting back and allowing barcelona to come and open them up . zidane might had watched barca's game against ath mad and the problem's they posed for barcelona and the tactics they deployed in that game . the same tactics seemed to be employed by real mad . they didnt went on pressing high up the pitch but instead they waited for the ball to come into midfield and then press it . benzema was certainly given the job to go and press busquestus so that he cannot start the offense . but one thing that madrid that cannot understand is that busqestus job is just not to start the attack but keep the flow of the attack going . he is the one who keeps ball when passed back and finds outs the player upfront who can hurt the opposition . so madrid's tactics was partially correct here . if it was not busquestus then mascherano was there to start the attack . if the stats are seen then you could see the pass completion rate of mascherano must be highest plus the highest passes made by him .
the reason why messi may had started in the middle is because casmeiro started in front of the back four who is not the most mobile player plus he is not a good game reader . in the first half barca were all over madrid and there were reason's behind that . madrid were sitting back and inviting barca to open up but there was a difference between zidane's team and mourinoho's team. mouriniho's team would have a proper structure about them . there would not be that much distance between lines which madrid initially had which barca were exploiting nicely . neymar or suarez would recieve the ball wide and messi or iniesta would drop into that space and would find time and space on the ball there and could find the player that he desired . madrid just survived the first half due to sheer luck . zidane's does had to learn a lot about organising the team and how it needs to defend and what role should each player play and when should they step and stop the opposition or when should they drop back and hold their shape . ramos and pepe were clearly confused with messi,suarez and their runs and whom should they pick up .
in the past busquestus had been lauded for ball skill and his ability to keep the attack ticking but had been severly criticized for his positioning sense . particlularly on the counters busquestus had been found wanting and had trouble with his postional sense .even in the first half on one of the madrid counters he was found wanting . he should be infront of the back four and should try to cover the cutbacks but he was never to be seen on the counters and was never ever in the frame .
madrid's defense had many a leaks they were not that organised as they used to under mouriniho and trouble barca with their counter . first off madrid never had a no.10 around whom the offense revolves. madrid had three front players with all three playing in a straight line with no cohesion in between them . zidane expects too much from their front players . he wants his front players to go and beat their fullbacks and create chances . they didnt had too much of support . madrid were not able to keep hold of the ball under barca's press . only modric was the player who could beat the pressing and keep the game flowing or keep the attack going . madrid were slow on their offense often at times they seemed to be confused as to what their next moves need to be . they were not that crisp as they should had been . the counter wasnt properly orchestrated . plus the shape on offense too wasnt that good . it was too square and barca were able to easily press and had the ball back when they would loose it . other than modric none madrid players excelled in one on one challenges .
barca didnt loose because madrid played them out but because they couldnt finish what they created . seconldy on the defense they had a good tactics of caving in making madrid cover that much more grass but they didnt made a point as to where they should stop madrid . there were too many personal errors in barca lineup .
zidane may be BUOYED by yesterday's victory but whoever understands football wont ever back zidane to be real boss next season .