Wednesday, 13 April 2016


yesterday man city played psg at etihad . the game can be said as to how you waste world class talent when you dont have a game plan . i think in trying to copy barcelona laurent blanc's psg lost the way and got derailed . in the past also when i had done psg game analysis i had said that psg try one pass too many . they try to over do it . they are trying to copy barcelona but without an actual game plan and at times look like a headless chicken who run around in circles . psg can show that they have major amount of possession and they controlled the game but they were hopeless when it comes to threatning harts goal . they just didnt had a game plan as to how they are going to open man city defense . i dont think blanc will encharge of psg next season and it wont surprise me if jose mouriniho's name would be associated with the job .
psg had two players suspended so blanc wanted to get all the other best players in the side and he devised a 3-4-3 formation for that . he had aurier ,silva,marquinihos in the back three which were protected by middle two of motta and rabiot . while vanderwiel and maxwell were the wing backs . the front three consisted of di maria,ibramovic and cavani . while man city played the unchanged side with aguero up front with de bruyne just behind him . fernandiniho and fernando were in front of the back four while silva and navas were on the wings . the back four consisted of sagna,otamendi,mangala and clichy .
now city were in the driving seat with away goals rule and the goalless draw was suiting them . they just had to protect what they had in the bank  . while psg needed to score a goal to win but also keep the clean sheet so both teams were extra cautious and here game plan were according to that . both teams were playing deep and were not ready to over commit players leaving them open on the counter . since man city had the advantage of the away goals rule they decided to sit back and invite psg to open them up . to be honest there is nothing to write about psg's offense .psg were playing with 3-4-3 and maxwell and wanderwiel were playing as the wide players . how many times did maxwell and wanderwiel crossed the ball in the box while psg had the biggest two guys on the team and playing upfront in form of ibramovic and cavani but there were no crosses from maxwell and a just one from wanderwiel . secondly how many touches did ibramovic had inside the first 15 min and even in the match in the opposition half . i never saw di maria or cavani making runs beyond ibra . ibra just didnt had any service from the psg players . i dont what is blanc is doing there on the side line chewing gum while his job is to instruct his players on how they can improvise and what he had spotted in the game. on the defensive side i dont blame psg either . thiago silva always stayed goal side of aguero and he always had a two yards distance between him and aguero . psg pressed man city very well during the game and were literally handed a game when aguero missed the penalty .
i dont why are psg hell bent on playing outpassing team and trying to showoff . man city had the perfect defense . they had two banks of four . they waited for the ball to come to the back four and then press it and did it quite well . most importantly the back four and the middle four played very compact to deny any spaces for psg to explore . they set themselves on the counter and de bruyne and silva were very good on that keeping the ball and finding others to pass the ball .
there are two things that needs to be mentioned . first off playing out from the back . its very vital that the players out from the back should be a good ball player since he needs to pass the ball correctly or the error that aurier made in the game would  come to bite you in your a**. whenever i coach i stress the importance of playing out from the back and that is why players like blind,mascherano,pique and ramos are very important because they can play a good ball our from the back . in the modern game defenders dont get time on the ball they are quickly pressed so to play under pressure and play proper pass is very imporant and when a player can do that then it a real asset since the team can keep the ball and keep the tempo going and not just pass the ball back to the goalie for a punt .