Sunday, 10 April 2016


yesterday milan played juvnetus at san siro . the milan coach had said earlier this week that the club would be correct to sack him . i cannot say that it would be a correct decision but looking at the team combination i think they will have to hire somebody for the next season . there are some obvious reasons to that i would make that clear but there are also some positive signs which could possibly save his job . another thing that was important for this match was that the italian national team boss conte was watching the game and it was an audition for the italian players in the game to show conte about their abilities . the game was very important for mario balotelli because conte hasnt played balotelli had outcasted him from the national team . the good thing about balotelli is that italian national team doesnt have a forward like balotelli who is comfortable on the grass . what ever forward they have they are good in air but nobody who can run behind the back four so i think he has case for inclusion which he presented yesterday .
milan started the game with 4-4-2 formation . balotelli and bacca started the game upfront while bonaventura and honda on the flanks while kuco and montolivo in the middle . the back four consisted of abate,alex,ramagnoli and antonelli. while juventus has started with their usual 3-5-2 formation with barzagli,bonucci and rugani in the back three with alex sandro and lichsteineir as the wing backs . marchisio was in front of the back three supported by pogba and asamoah in the middle three. while moratta and manzukic were the front two.
the game was interesting was because untill now whichever team that had played juvnetus had tend to sit back and try to absorb pressure and have numbers behind the ball . but here mihalovic took a very novel approach he tried to close juve down high up the putch. he closed them down and harried them . he forced juve to play a high tempo game rather than just sitting back and allowing juve to dominate the game . milan approach to close juventus created a lot of problem for them and if the other teams do copy this approach then it can cause a lot of problems for juventus .  this approach caused juve all sorts of problems and had he been able to get his offense to be on one page or say just as juventus forwards hunt in pairs or work in tandem and the other support cast rally around them then i think milan would have had a different result to what they have and may have given teams hint on how to play against juve .
as i had said that untill now team had sat and absorbed pressure against juventus . but here milan choose to take the game to juventus . they started to close down juventus from the top and kept the pressure till the back four . juventus tries to play through their wing backs or their forwards where they try to find one of their forwards and then spread the ball . the two milan forwards were not on the same wavelength . the difference was that . juventus forwards work in tandem . they try to find each other when they have the ball and play close to each other . milan's forward were never on the same wavelength . balotelli and bacca were too apart from each other and were not able to form a partnership .
milan have a good team but mihalovic hadnt been able to make it work . the trouble had been midfield he has montolivo and kuco over there . montolivo likes to spread the ball and is a good long ball passer but not very mobile and cannot control the tempo of the game . kuco is mobile and is technically good but coach needs to make the game revolve around him and should teach him how to operate the game or control the game . i am surprised that his name is not mentioned in the transfer market while players like naingolan are mentioned . he took the sting out of pogba yesterday and rendered him toothless in one on one .
the other weakness about juventus formation is that on the counter they seem to have three men behind the ball always but the trouble is that teams just dont have to take the ball beyond the back three they can just use the back three as the wall and shoot around it . teams can do that because juventus back three drop too deep and allows team space in front of them and that is not covered because on the counter only marchisio is there and pogba and others are caught high up the pitch . so milan did tried to exploit it . so all and all good display by milan but no fruit to show .