Tuesday, 21 June 2016


yesterday england played slovakia in the final game of the group matches . before i write about the match and all that let me tell you but i had not seen such seriously stupid writer that daily mail the british dialy has . i dont know whether they watched the match or they just write it . seriously whether england were better with wilshere or rooney on . how many passes did rooney completed and what was his contribution . i dont know about these writers but seriously do they know about the game . the way england were playing and the way wilshere executed it was quite decent .
roy hodgson made 6 changes to the starting lineup and i dont think it made any difference to the lineup since there are only a handful of england players who can play with middle of the foot or on the floor . wilshere and henderson came in the midfield along side dier who is not flourishing in the role of the defensive midfielder . while struddige and vardy came in the forward line . england started the game with 4-3-3 formation . while slovakia started the game with the same formation . the trouble with england is that none of the england players can pass the ball on one touch . they make two touches and this allows the opposition to close them down and the move is gone . the trouble with england game was that they didnt had the natural width . struddige and lallana both came inside so the back four got already congested plus no natural width meant that it helped slovakia who just waited for them to cross and deal with it . seconldy england just cannot work balls from the wide positions . they need to work on it .
the game started with slovakia sitting back and playing on the counter .while england played possession football and tried to open up slovakia . slovakia were sitting deep since they were afraid of vardy's pace and were rightly worried . of the three england forward lallana was the most effective one his movement was causing all sort of problems to the slovakia's defense . he was coming between the line and collecting the ball or start in the middle and go wide thus keeping himself unpredictable and making himself available for the pass . he was the only one hardworking english player in the team . his only weakness is that he doesnt stands that strong the ball and seconldy his fondness to play with both feet but at times he let himself down by doing that . now vardy started the game because kane wasnt performing but then england just doesnt play around central striker and  vardy did showed his pace when he was released by wilshere behind slovakian's defense . wilshere played some very delightful long passes to vardy and struddige . he was criticzed for losing possession when he moved up the field but then england players just dont move or make themselves available whenever or they just dont know what position they should take . the trouble was slovakia knew about wilshere's ability so whenever he moved up the pitch he was closed down very quickly and coupled that with england players hopeless positioning he was criticized unfairly or may he was overtrying but i think he was one of the bright spark in english attack and england had the best chances till both these two were on the pitch .
the other good performer is dier who's distribution of the ball seems to be improving with game and his pinpoint to struddige was very good . his defensive work is also good . he is one of the few players in the england players who can play floor football and should he progress the same way then the future is bright for him . henderson was hopeless .
now struddige was lauded for his goal against wales to be honest it was hopeless scrappy goal . he is the least hard working player in the team . today's defense start from the top and the less time that the forwards give the centrebacks on the ball the better it gets for others to press others and snatch possession from the opposition . lallana was working was very hard but he was never getting that support from the others especially struddige . he was hopeless . secondl instance is when he dropped into the midfield to collect the possession and you just pass it back to the centre back . i mean he is under no pressure . he could do the half turn and pass the ball forward or wide . its shows the lack of concentration in the game where on you should know the players around you and reading of the game . third is when dier passed him a very delicious balls over the top on goal . a good striker does knows whether he can take an extra touch or should he shoot it first time . seconldy if he is not then he will try to protect the ball and atleast try to keep it up field and hold it till he has support .struddige was hopeless . people may argue that he let clyne on the goal with a fine ball but then he was 10 yards from the goal with the slovakian defense sleeping and allowing him time and space on the ball and allowing him to pick his pass . come on even rooney would do that ( haha ha aha ) .
what can you write about slovakia . they there to sit deep and for the point so that they can qualify for the next round . they just could pass the ball  and were more reliant on abilities of hamsik to guide them through . their main vice was that they spent too much time on the ball and had they passed the ball crisply and kept the flow moving then they could have caused england some problems but it seems they just could get the move going . they could bring the forward into play . slovakia are just not playing the way they played in qualifiers .
last but not the least but there is a talk of roy hodgson being given the extension to his contract . is the way england team wants to play . one win over wales that too a scrappy one and he is given a contract extension come on . dont the fa wants to play good attractive football or just do  they want to play scrappy football .