Saturday, 11 June 2016


yesterday france played romania in the opener of the uefa uero 2016  . first off i dont know many of the romanians players only two are known to me . now france started the game with 4-3-3 formation .
now first off with this performance should france be considered as the favourites for the cup . i have doubts . there is serious lack of cohesion in the side and it is dependent more on individual abilities rather than team play and cohesion between players . in the first half romania started the game better . they had borrowed the idea from athletico madrid where on they were waiting for the ball to come into midfield and then press it . romania had very correctly guessed that kante and pogba would be the two guys who would be dictating the play and they should be the ones who should not be given time and space on the ball and that what romania set up to do . as soon as france had the ball they would let koscielny and rami have the ball and positon themselves to press when it is moved into midfield . they played a very high line which could had proved costly because i think they didnt romania calculated that rami is good ball playing centre back and can play good balls from the back . the space behind the back four meant that france played some long balls to release griezman but could not find the proper ball . whenever france could overcome that pressing from romania they were knocking on romania's goal and they were finding space on the wings because to play the high press romania had to play compact and which meant that the fullbacks were having space to run to . but overall in the run of play romania had tied france and were dictating the tempo of the game.
romania were causing france problems were with balls played behind the back four . rami is a cause of concern with france . romania tried to exploit rami's lack of pace . so initially when france tried to play a high back four they quickly had to drop back to compensate for rami's lack of pace . romania played some very good short crisp passing game but they had lack of height in the box . secondly they were missing some good deliveries from the wide where on they could trouble france but overall they did ok on the defensive front to keep france at bay . france's main threat griezman was not timing his run properly and was not that effective .
in the second half romania changed their game they started to sit back and most importantly kante started to dictate the game and romania started to sit deep . the initial pressing was gone and france got the hold on the game most importantly deschamps changed the system . he bought coman to stretch the play  .matuidi who was very sitting along side kante in the first half and had it very quite one started to move up the pitch in the second half . he started to impose himself more on  the game .  secondly he switched payet in behind giroud in the no.10 role . payet can dribble past player and able to release players in space . his switch changed the game and france went on to win the game .
can france build on this performance . i dont think so . first off kante had to cover too much of space in front of him . secondly there is no natural cohesion in the team and players like rami and evra lack of pace can cause problem's to france . thirdly france's are too much dependent on pogba or payet and in the next game if they are tied down what then . there was a lack of movement upfront since kante and pogba both were unable to find players to who they could pass . all and all i think some of the france players are playing more for themselves and to achive personal glory rather than team play .