Sunday, 12 June 2016


yesterday england played russia and came out with a draw . i was reading the news and one news i read was rooney awarded 8/10 points for his performance in the match . another was the positives that glenn hoddle was talking about . to be honest what are the positives that need to be taken out of this game .last but not the least what is roy hodgson job to put out players on the pitch and watch from the sidelines or does he needs to constantly try to improvise his side and give inputs to his players and try to improvise the situation . atleast in the second half i expected him to do something when england were overwhelmed by the russians . i am disappointed by hodgson's role .
the most obvious questions from the game were does rooney deserve to start . he had been given a 8 by the pundits but the first thing that you notice is that these england players are not that technically proficient . they dont get their head quickly . the once who play football knows that once you get yourself in line with pass then you can get your head up and search for the pass so that you can pass it in one touch and that what spaniards and the germans do . english players cannot do that and that is why they need to do two touch. the other thing was that england player pass the ball but they dont move to recieve it back . thirdly the choice of pass was very poor by english players they would pass it to player who would get close down very quickly . they were not helped by the playes movement . i have heard that hodgson takes the practise and tells them on how to play in a situation but obviously they have either not grasped it well or hogdson hasnt explained them well . the most obvious question was as to why was kane coming in deep . he can come deep in the run of the play or when england have the ball and help it get upfield . when england dont have the ball he should be around the back four trying to stretch the play always keeping an option open for the long ball  and the most important one is that when england have the ball wide he should be on the should be on the shoulders of the top 4 keeping them engaged so that there is space behind him .
the most important thing is that you are playing kane as no.9 then try to play through him . he is good passer and alli and he can combine beautifully . he must be a frustrated player because he couldnt decide as to whether he is going to at the end of sterling's cross or should he play one two and release sterling beyond him. i think hodgson needs to sort his role and get him more on the ball and get him more involved . another thing was that other than back four and dyer the others where taking positions upfield but there was not a lot a movement from them . i think one of them needs to drop deep and stay alongside dier and just control the game from there and then make late run rather than making early foray upfield . hodgson will have to think too much since they have bale and england are playing too deep which will help bale since he may just use smalling and cahill as the wall and shoot around them .
england started the game with 4-3-3 while russia were the same . for the first half england overwhelmed russia and they were themselves to blame . they tried to play the english game with england and wanted to take the ball upfield quickly and were hitting long balls to dzuba . secondly they were not able to track runs of alli,llalana and kane who coming deep and letting alli and llalana to get beyond him . the russian were getting all opened because alli and llalana were finding space between the lines and using that positions to find walker on the right particularly whom smolov was not tracking properly . the problem with russia was they didnt know as to who should track alli . whether somebody from the back four should come out and track kane . most importantly russians were nervous on the ball and were misplacing the pass which was allowing england to close them down and win possession high up the pitch and hit them fast on the counter .
the game changed in the second half and this is where a manager comes into play . when the russians come out for the second half they looked more assured on the ball . they moved the around and didnt just tried to find dzuba . they kept the ball rolling and looked more assured on the ball . just as russians were getting control the game england were sitting that much deeper and inviting pressure and trying to play more on the counter .