Monday, 13 June 2016


now yesterday i was criticized for criticizing rooney and the rating that he was given but if we are to justify rooney rating of 8 then what are we going to say about kroos and khadeira's performance last night . they were simply immaculate . why kroos had not struggled in spain is because he can not only play long balls and spread the play but also can play with same ease on the floor . given with that he has good shot from distance which is very good asset and one that a defensive midfielder needs to have . just as he was good on the offensive front in spreading the ball and dictating the play he was very good at closing down the possible danger helping the fullback in dealing with the imminent danger of yarmolenko . same can be said about khadeira who was also equally good and just because he was good that is why kroos could had time and space on the ball because they couldnt mark these two at the same time and let holes in their defense .
germany started as the dominat team and they dominated the whole match .as expected germany dominated the play and ukraine would sit back and try to hit germany on the counter . their main counter weapons were yarmalenko and konoplyanka .germany started the game with 4-2-3-1 formation while ukraine started the game with 4-4-1-1 formation . this is why germany are the champions because they do not just rush things like taking the ball wide and whipping it in the box . they work the ball and try to have maximum penetration and you could see the penetration by the team and the number of clearances inside the box . it shows the germans ability to play the ball . plus the understanding that the players have about their positions .
the germans dominated the game because they had the midfield advantage even though kroos and khadeira were the midfielders but both the wide players kept on coming inside as well as both muller and ozil dropping in the midfield to dominate that zone and give upperhand to germany which allowed them to press ukraine successfully and most importantly their midfielders just couldnt had time and space on the ball to support their wide players and get them moving upwards .
the germans dominated the game but they had trouble in the wide areas especially with yarmalenko and konoplyanka who were very lively . both are good players and can take on fullbacks and beat them in footrace and in trickery but the real trouble was that they didnt had the pivot around who they could play . they didnt had the support of their midfield plus not even from the front players as well . the germans had the trouble dealing with these two and when these two came into the final third they created some very good decent chances . there were two things that i thought ukraine did bad first off  they spent too much time on the ball to allow themselves to close down . secondly their play was just too one dimensional . both yarmalenko and konoplyanka were staying wide and not coming inside and trying to link up with each other and try to borrow a page from bayern munich tactics of the champions league winning team . i wanted to see both players linking and playing off each other with others around them . ukraine need to resolve their play and need to get to have some different variations in moving the ball .yes now its understandable as to why germany play so deep because they dont want their fullbacks to get exposed and offer space for players like konoplynka and yarmalenko to run behind them since they can beat them in the foot race . but the trouble is that germany are conceding too much space in doing so and other teams who will be better will try to exploit the space that is offered . seconldy on the counter germans were getting caught up . ukranians were filling the box to head on the cross but they were very one dimensional in their approach . if you could see then kroos or khadeira were getting sucked up on the wing trying to give support to the wing backs in dealing with the opposite number at the same time gotze,draxler,ozil and muller were getting caught upfield and were not able to support their defense . so there was a lot of space in front of the back four and only one player to guard and that was either kroos or khadeira . so ukranians should tried to exploit that space and placed players just in front of the back four on the cross and this would had given them more numbers to pick in the box and some good angles

all and all a very convincing win for germany and showing as to why they are the best and most importantly their second half performance where on they just dominated the ukrainians fully and sniffed any possible threat deserve credit .