Saturday, 18 June 2016


yesterday spain played turkey and it showed as to why they are the best teams in the business and why they should be considered the favourites to claim the title back . in football cohesion between you team members is a must . if the threat is coming from each and evey member from the pitch then it makes that team that more effective to execute its game plan and far more dangerous . its not necessary that each and evey one should score but providing that pass or being one of the element in the jig saw in opening opposition  . yesterday spain were all that . they just overwhelmed the opposition . of all the contender team the reason why spain stands out is having he best fullbacks in the tournament . their ability to give width to the attack or even at times run behind the back four gives them the edge . spain are not just opening the opposition with tiki taka football but the second goal did demonstrated that they can change the approach and they will explore other ways also like crossing in the box . this was game that spain established there credentials as the favourites for the cup .
the game started with spain playing there usual 4-3-3 combination .while turkey playing 4-5-1 started the game . there are two important things that need to talk about . first off the distance between the two centre back of turkey . i dont know but there was more that 10 yards of space between turkey's two centre backs . i think they never ever thought that moratta would beat them in the air and were concerned about attacks coming from the flanks rather than trying to keep hold of moratta and the threat he possessed in the box . if you had seen the turkey's defense then it was very spacious . there were lots of gaps . the distance between two players was far more than that was required . plus the thing was that the defense wasnt that mobile as it would wanted . there were moments when moratta dropped between the lines and it was desired that one of the centrebacks should come along with him from the back four but that never happened because of the threat that spain possessed . turkey were always on the wire because spain always had runners from the midfield who would go beyond the back four and open turkey's defense . the good thing about spain's attack was the cohesion between the fullbacks and the centre forwards or the players in the box .now normally the fullbacks cross in the box in the attempt to find someone in the box and find someone at the end of it . but here moratta was making himself available so that alaba was not finding that difficult to find him in the box . the fullbacks knew where to cross the ball and forward knew where he needs to make the run as  to where the fullback was going to cross the ball . i think the biggest mistake that turkey made that they got over stretched and tried to contain spain even in the wide areas where as they should had stayed compact and let spain come onto them and then hit them onto counter . turkey just didnt worked as a unit which is the key for a good defense . defense is the ultimate football game because here you are required to play as a unit rather than  as a individual . turkey will have to do much better if they are to have result against the czecks and hope to make it to the next round .
just as turkey did mistakes on defense i think they were poor on offense . first off turkey had a very good target man and keeping him in the box and then trying improvise with time . first off ramos and pique quite deep and were not coming out of the defense to contest the long balls with the turkish centre forward . at times i think arda turan did try to keep the ball to himself and tried to over do things . his passing was presumptous as to who he was going to pass rather than trying to take the natural option trying to move the ball and not getting closed down that quickly . they could had started the game playing one dimensional but just crossing into the box and then try to improvise instead they tried to show that they too can play ball and just lost possession because of it .
i think this win will give spain a necessary boost and turkey will have to the drawing board as to what can they salvage in the game between them and the czecks it will be a game which may decide as to whether the czecks or the croats go into the next round .