Tuesday, 9 August 2016


yesterday man utd played leicester in the community shield . nobody were anxious about leicester and their style of play . but on the other hand everybody were there to assess man utd and their style of play and the way they handle a team like leicester . mouriniho's team are counter attacking teams but when the tables are reversed then they often struggle and than had been his downfall at both chelsea and real madrid where on the opposition had deduced that if they sit back and counter which mouriniho's team do then they can have the joy against mouriniho's team . leicester are tailor made that way they sit soak off the pressure and then counter through vardy ,okazaki and mahrez .
utd started the game with a 4-4-2 formation . all the eyes were on ibramovic and the way he is going to influence the nature of play in utd game . fellaini and carrick started the game as to central midfielders . in the premier i had seen that they are not ready to change and accept that a player is past his sell date .
 utd were poor the midfield was unable to connect with the forward line and there is reason for that . the first point that i want to make is that both fellaini and carrick  are not suitable to play in the utd midfield . although fellaini's defensive performance yesterday would make a case for him but on the offensive front he is not the one who should sit in the middle and dictate the play of the game .when you play in the midfield the midfielders even though has small movement but it is very important because his movement keeps on opening different angels for attack and that is why it is very important to have the mobile players plus if he closes down the play in the midfield then it becomes easy for the back line to defend . both carrick and fellaini are not that mobile and dont possess that mobility to support the wingers or get up and down the pitch and close down players when the opportunity arises .  both are good technical players but to be honest i would prefer herrera and schweni( even though he is suppose to exit the club) . carrick certainly has the technical ability but he certainly lost his legs and when the quick counter comes on he certainly looks helpless . in the match also you could see that utd got better when herrera came on the pitch . he is quick and certainly closes the opponent quickly and cover grass faster than these players . the last but not the least but i would make the case for danny blind to be played in the middle of the park . the boy is very good and calm on the ball and is one of the best passers of the ball. he was shifted in the back four because of injuries and i think his best place is the middle of the park with herrera where on they could contain the opposition much high on the pitch and most importantly blind is very good passer of the ball even under pressure . he is only one who is best floor passer and sees the play very good . the reason for saying this is that utd were finding it difficult to move the ball through the middle . if you are not able to feed the ball to the offensive line then the front start coming deep and thats what happened with rooney and ibra who just couldnt had the joy of the ball when they were upfield . every players like to have the ball and wants to involved in the play . midfield's job is very important and i think my pick will be blind and herrera in the midfield with baily and jones as the centre backs .
now jose like his team to be playing on counters while sitting deep he has bought mikhitariyan because this kid very good in dribbling and creating chances plus there is pogba so utd have a lot of flair this season a thing which had been lacking from them for the time ronaldo left utd . i think utd and this team has given chance for jose to reinvent himself and i think he should take that opportunity . i remember the title winning season of 2012-2013 season when utd won the title at that time liverpool was coached by brendan rodgers who were famous for playing barcelonaesque football . what utd did that day was amazing they played the same style with liverpool . they pressed them kept the ball moved it well and most importantly they dominated liverpool which was a tactical masterstroke by sir alex and i would want jose to just not stick with just one kind of football . i think for the first time other than the first time when he was at chelsea he has got a team who can dominate the opposition not just in terms of goals but also in possession and that what would assert their dominance and gain the necessary respect for them .
to be honest i dont believe that rooney has the guile and technical ability to be a no.10 . he is technically inpet but jose is adamant about playing him then he should play him above ibra as the top man . ibra had been playing as the no.10 for the last 3 to 4 years . he is certainly very comfortable on the ball . he can link with rooney rather than other way around . this utd team would freighten anybody if they can just click .
i think utd should let go of players like ashley young,mata,memphis de pay and rojo . players like fosu mensah and janujaz  should be sent on loan to have regular first team football so that when they return next term they would be first teamers . now there had been a lot of talk about mata being subbed in the community shield and how jose let him down . first off its mouriniho's he takes the decision and secondly the ones who are criticizing they should first start to coach and win something before criticzing others . i think it would be better if utd sell him .