Monday, 5 September 2016


yesterday england played slovakia in the first world cup qualification match .the match was important because it was for the qualification plus it was the first match for new england manager sam allardyce . now whenever new manager comes with him comes new ideas as to how he wants  team to play . but to be honest after watching the game i was wondering as to whether it was roy hodgson's team and where was the difference in this team and the one that played under roy hodgson . the team looks the same except for one or two personal changes . the team is playing the same way as it used to play under hodgson . one hopeless manager replaced by another who keeps on chewing weed balls in the dugout . while looking at the qualification group it will go undefeated just like the last time and will again loose in the first round . to be honest the problem is not only in the manager but in the whole system . the players are technically inept and hopeless. doesnt matter what tactics you play but they will now be able to execute it because they are just not good enough . to be honest just tell as to how many of these england player will get into their club team if their selects them on merit . the answer will be less than 3 . 
before i write about the game i want to talk about the aura that was created around sam allardyce that he was ruthless and that he is tactically very astute and will get the best out of these players and blah blah blah . now i have a question to ask as to whether rooney is holding the england football team to ransom . instead of the coach dictating the terms and telling the players where they should play the reverse is happening . it seems that the players are telling the coach as to where they want to play .  havent the england coach got the balls to drop the captains and tell them that the best is beyond them and that they need to be left out . even after looking after rooney's performance if he is saying that he was good and he was satisfied by it then there is no bigger idiot than big sam .
what is different in this england team and the team that played under hodgson then the answer is none . under him they use  to play the same 4-3-3 system and here too they are doing the same . there was a big talk by big sam as to what position rooney would play . in hodgson's team he was playing in the midfield in the same position that he is occupying in big sam's team . i really will not clarify as to why he is shifted in that position but to be honest he is not a midfielder . england had three at the top while three in the middle . dier in the middle with rooney and henderson on left and right . i think it was told that henderson would go up and join the  attack while rooney will spread the ball and call the shots through the middle .  everthing and anything that england were trying to do with ball it was going through rooney as if players were trying to hand him the ball and  then waiting . firstly he cannot support the front three . seconldy his decisions on the ball are hopeless . thirdly he was spending too much time on the ball and making the game slow .
harry kane was criticized for his performance at the euros and even yesterday by alan shearer ( hopeless pundit) . to be honest what can you do when you are not  feeded the ball and not given enough touches on the ball or that  not enough chances are created for you then . first england didnt had the no.10 in the team who would be a link up between rooney and kane . rooney was not able to play passes to kanes feet or find him . the reason because he was slow and the interplay between the players was also very slow . seconldy rooney wasnt coming high up the pitch to link up with kane . the midfielders role is to now only supply the forward line with the ball but also support them when they are given the ball just as the back line does it with midfield so that when they are pressured they can pass it back and recive it when they are in the position . it was rooney's role to do that but he is hopeless . seconldy he can even go beyond the front with some good interplay but there was no link up between the front line and the middle one . big sam must have wanted rooney to have majority of the ball but his use of it was hopeless . first off he cannot get his head high quickly to pass it . seconldy he cannot make up the mind as to whom he is going to pass . his inability will certainly cost england . the reason being that the organisation of the england players on offense . they really dont know as to how they should surround or take their positions when someone is on the ball . if the move is not orchestrated or not practised then it becomes difficult to move the ball and if the players are not good then it becomes even more difficult to move the ball . the second player was dier in the middle but he too doesnt seems to be quite comfortable on the ball and when your boss has ordered you give the ball to rooney then what can you do . even if lallana and sterling had the ball still they didnt had the pivot around who they could play and take ball deeper . it seems its the same script that had been in roy hodgson team only thing is now big sam is in incharge .
now england managers were known in the world because of their organisation and their ability to organise a team but over the years what i had seen that that aspect had only been in one direction that is defense . organisation is not only for how you stop the team but also how you open the opposition . its about how you explain the players as to what you want to do when they have the ball and what they should do when they have it and without it . over the years the english managers have just concentrated on just one subject and the second aspect had been taken to the bins and this why they are no longer considered for jobs at big clubs .