Sunday, 25 September 2016


to be honest yesterday's arsenal's win over chelsea was very important . the win was for the cohesion in pieces . going forward arsenal were just unstoppable . most importantly yesterday for the first time i would say that their players were enjoying football . they were not scared of the oppostion and this approach will put fear in their oppositions  heart . even in the psg game when they were second best but still they could muster the offense and at times they were opening psg and were rightfully rewarded . the most noticable thing in that game was that conte wasnt having any answers to arsenal's approach . i find this very amazing . when they were one down at the same time he should had made some changes . he should had changed the approach . he  could have sit back for that half and soak up the attack and had prevented the lead from increasing and made necessary changes after the half time and could had saved the game . to be honest i am conte very incompetent for this job . yes he can feel aggrieved that chelsea hadnt buyied the players that he had  required to make this team work . it is said that the offense start from the back and the defense start from the top  . chelsea are hopeless at the back and their back line of ivanovic and cahill doesnt give them any confidence . but it all comes down to conte and his inability to drill this team and to make things work . if you had followed conte's juventus carrier then conte's juventus never went beyond the round of 16 in the ucl even though they were winning title in italy .
this win for arsenal was for beautiful football they play . now arsenal started the game with their usual 4-2-3-1 formation . while chelsea started with 4-3-3 formation . to be honest conte is more like jose mouriniho in that aspect very defensive minded and disciplined  . i cannot say that he is new and time should be given to him . in the modern game time is not the luxury . plus for me he has good enough players at his disposal with whom he can have a good team . for arsenal i think they have found the missing link on the left side someone who will inherit pires,ljuenberg and rosicki . iwobi for me was the standout performer of all the arsenal players . he was simply amazing and walcott should really copy him and he will be a good player as well . iwobi just keeps the game simple and i like his style he knows how to take position . he will not overtry to run on players or take them on . he has a very good vision and that was evident on the second goal when he released bellrin in open space .he is the very definition of wide player needs to be .not the typical type that are required in england but the arsenal type who is ready to go beyond the forward and will cut inside instead of staying wide .
i think wenger had been delibrately playing sanchez in the no. 9 position because he is very pacy so that pushes the opposition back because if they try to play a high line then sanchez will definitely exploit that space behind the back four . he likes to come deep collect the ball and he now has players who are ready to go beyond him like iwobi and walcott  . this was the game when ozil was at his best . he was avoiding challenges playing one two and just ticking the play and keeping the ball rolling . now arsenal delibrately play czorla and coquelin in the middle because i think they expected to be pressed although czorla went into hiding in the liverpool game but here he was pulling the strings . they just played their game and chelsea were just all over the place .
the reason why chelsea are all over the place is because the off the two centre backs off that cahill just doesnt likes to come out of the back he is stupid . if you had seen arsenals offense then it was all from the left and it was delibrate because both of them lack pace . arsenal would work that zone and then switch that ball to right where they would find bellerin bombing because hazard doesnt have got defensive discipline . but to be honest if you move that ball crisply then no team in the world can defend that . arsenal played one of the best football that we had seen so far this season and with this football they can challenge anybody .
to be honest i was disappointed with conte again there were flaws in conte's formation and the way they are working the ball . as i had said that they are playing very expansive . they are relying on individuals to do the the magic rather than as a team . certain players are spending too much time on the ball . there is no no.10 .there is no cohesion between players as apposed to arsenal's . one thing that i wanted to write is why was fabregas man marking coquelin in the game . really dont understand that the necessity for that .
earlier man utd played leicester and i still think that pogba is still played in the wrong position . he comes alive when he is near opposition's box and for me he is the best technically gifted player in the world . also blind playing at left back is not very good idea . he is another utd player who is technically superb and partner herrera in the middle of the field so that pogba can join ibra on the attack and that would be comment .