Friday, 2 September 2016


today argentina played uraguay in the world cup qualifiers . the match was important because messi had made the comeback to the national team but most importantly  now the national team was is under new coach and it was important as to what tactics does he adopt and the style of play that he was going to adopt .
for the argentian he went with the 4-4-2 formation with dybala and pratto up front for a little man small man partnership . now if you had watched the copa america championship then argentina convincingly defeated chile in the group stage and that was because the ball was spread all around and the threat wasnt just from one side . the offense wasnt all around and the ball possession or touches wasnt dominated by a single player . the offense wasnt revolving around one single guy but it was a team effort so it was important to see as to how the new argentian manager uses messi . for me the offense had been too much revolving around messi and that in turn had helped the opposition who now could sense that if they could stop messi they could contain argentina . when the ball comes out from the back and comes upfront they could sense as to whom the ball is going to so they just have to either stop that guy .
let me tell you first i watched the match till the 55 min and the match was virtually over after 45 min even though argentina were just one nil up and argentina played with 10 men for the second half . as i had said that it was important as to how messi by the new argie gaffer . to be i am disappointed . they had a big man small man upfront but the play whole and sole revolved around messi but most important than that everthing and anything was tried from the same zone or same half . i hoped that the play would be more spread around and with the players on the pitch argentina will be much more rounded in their approach with all the players involved in the offense instead it was only messi and him creating and shooting . i never saw the full backs coming forward too much and joining the attack and stretching the defense . argentina had height in the box with pratto but never cared to use that . 
messi started the game in the same position as his club position but the disappointing thing was that he was trying everything . if there was a chance need to be created then he would be the one who would pass it . he was the one doing the shooting . but most importantly he was collection just beyond the midfield and trying to either cut inside and create chances from there or shoot . i expected him to link up with dybala and pratto and have deeper penetration inside uruguay's half . yes uraguay always were going to have men behind the ball but argentina had the quality to open defense . di maria didnt saw much off the ball but to be honest i am disappointed in him . i like lamela more than di maria who had really comes leap and bounds in england . he can handle physical attribute more better . he is more comfortable on the ball and looks very good . argentina had always looked more threatning when he had been on the pitch . the argie gaffer should really see that they see more of the ball and design the offense around them and that will make the team more threatning .
i am disappointed with uraguay yes they were going to sit back but when they had the ball i expected them to do better when they had  the ball . most importantly argentina  was giving space and time to suarez who was coming into hole to collect the ball and both fuentes mori and otamendi were holding the position and not following him and closing him down . the player i was most disappointed from uruguay was cavani . he was hopeless not very good on the ball and was letting his team down and it would be wise if the uraguay coach can play with the idea of dropping him down .