Thursday, 22 September 2016


yesterday india played iran in the afc under 16 tournament . now i am definitely disappointed by the result because just like any other indian i want my team to progress but do have the sensible head that india was against iran which is a much better side . but the one thing that i was disappointed with manner of play and the way team played and the deficiencies in the team . yes iran's are better physically but let tell you that is one of the aspect of the game and there are other aspects of the game by which you can counter it .
first and foremost let me write that i am disappointed in the coach . let me tell you that any coach who coaches the team does needs to have his stamp on the team  .  there are different types of coaches each has his own style . some like to keep the ball and play possession football while some like to counter attacking football .some like to sit deep and ask the opposition to open them up while some like to press the opposition ,some mix them up and play as per the situation of the game but one thing that all the coaches have is that they have their own stamp on the team and you can identify the team with the playing style and they are known for that . but sadly for me after looking at the team i was disappointed with the team on both technical and tactical level . to be honest if you are not good technically good then it becomes far more difficult to execute a good tactical plan because if you are not that comfortable on the plan then you cannot use it properly when you have it and the opposition can just press you and regain it .
the game started the game with decent pace . but first india will have to produce some very good pitches for the upcoming world cup because the ball was wobbling and secondly it wasnt that watered properly as it needed to be to let the ball move fast .now i wont criticize the coach for asking the team to play deep and asking to have 10 boys behind the ball . if you pacy forward in your opposition then definitely ask you team to play deep . seconldy if you have numbers of players behind the ball then it becomes difficult for the opposition to find space and you can defend properly . but the trouble was with the way you were defending . first off you should never ever give space to the opposition in the hole( the space between defensive line and midfield) . for me the defense were sitting in their place and not coming out to close down their opposite number whenever he was coming inside . the one thing that i was disappointed was the way the team was sitting deep in its own half whenever they lost the ball . i mean you can defend deep but when upfield you should try to press them try to mix it up . you can start caving in when they start bringing ball upfield but atleast test them up when they are in their half. i wanted the coach to mix things up but i was disappointed by it . i think the coach's plan was that for the first half he would defend deep and try to stop the opposition and then hit them in the second half but to be honest when you are putting players on the pitch you should make them play and seconldy you should never ever let the opposition feel comfortable which iran were getting because of the way india were using the ball and way their offense was . the other thing was that when the ball behind the either fullback and the iranian winger was released in the space behind the back four the centre backs were reluctant to come out of their space and close down  . the coach needs to correc these mistakes .
now the most disappointing thing for me was the way india played on offense . i was very disappointed by the way they used the ball and the way team organised themselves on the offense . first off india wanted to play out from the back and there is nothing bad about it but to be honest the hardest thing in football is to play out from the back . although the defenders are not given that much praised about it but whoever knows football that whenever you are pressed and you know that one mistake from you can cost your team then you know the the importance of it . now whoever teaches serious football he will always teach you that you should not dribble in defense . it is criminal to dribble in defense because if you get caught then you let your team down and the left back was time and again doing it and at times he conceded possession leaving his team down .
now its just not important on how you organise on defense but its equally important how you organise yourself on offense and how can you move the ball effectively and open the opposition . i was let down the way they were taking positions on offense . they were not helping each other . seconldy its not good to spend time on the ball  because it slows down the game and it allows the opposition to close you down . time and again i was seeing indian players spending time on the ball . we definitely were second best in terms of physical strength but on floor everybody is equal and had we move the ball well then we could have caused the trouble but for me the coach was a failure in term of offensive abilitly .
now in the first half the team were trying to release komal i think behind the back four but to be honest first off when you are playing that much deep and dont keep the ball and pass around and bring players upfield and just try to release one forward then it becomes very easy for the opposition to stop you . in the second half they were trying to move through the wings but to be honest why i try in football is not to be one dimensional or to be one minded where on you intend to give pass to a certain player only . read the situation and then pass the ball . in the second half the players were adamant to pass the ball to a certain player only . thirdly when you move the ball through wings then you need to use the midfielder as the pivot but there was no use of that . to be honest there are too many deficiencies in the team and it needs to correct it and the coach needs to watch this game and show them what was wrong and correct it .