Sunday, 1 January 2017


yesterday man city played liverpool at anfield . in the last game against arsenal man city untill half time were clearly outplayed and they got lucky in the second half and clawed there way back into the game and came up with a win . when you select the team and hatch a game plan then you expect your team to execute it and the team that executes that properly generally comes out at the top . yesterday kloop got his selection correct and his game plan was executed properly . while kloop got his selection correct gaurdiola just didnt had any answer to the things that were happening in the middle and to be honest i think gaurdiola just couldnt change the things or make the necessary changes that would had affected the game . yesterday's game was a stark reflection of what gaurdiola was lacking and what changes he needs to make and how many players he needs . to be honest for me gaurdiola lacked the creative mind that i had seen in carlos queiroz and he was just one dimensional in this loss.this loss would had shown as to how much gaurdiola's team lacked in pace but at the same i would say that gaurdiola tactically was hopeless and there are better things expected of him .

liverpool started the game with their regular 4-3-3 formation. while city started the game with 4-2-1-3 formation . liverpool had a very good game . you can realize with a look at their team . the middle three have very little space in between them . they stay very compact and hunt in a pack. liverpoo's game plan was to sit back and press when the ball comes into the midfield and then hit on the counter . you could see the number of touches that stones and otamendi had in the entire match . liverpool let them have the ball and didnt went to overpress and expose themselves and let man city have too much space to play around them . instead they waited patiently for toure and fernandiniho had the ball and press . the difference was the mobility of the liverpool's middle three compared to city's middle three or even you could say that the mobility and the ball handling skills of the liverpool's player were better compared to man city's . emre can and winjnaldum did a very good job on toure and fernandiniho and not giving them time on the ball and pressing them very swiftly. they were ably supported by the entire team .liverpool started with a high line but they started to drop deep once the ball would come into their half since they were aware of the quality silva and other man city player's  possess  . while on the defense liverpool press their offense is also very laudable and the players ability to run off each other and make themselves available in the play is very good . kloop has certainly improved  the players ability on the ball and that inturn helps in the overall play .

to be honest i was disappointed with man city and their tactics. first off liverpool were pressing and it is their style so man city should had moved the ball faster and played quick and try to catch liverpool . instead had there been a statistics and the amount of touches ( not in the match but when the ball is passed to when he passes the ball ) that the player makes then man city player were very lazy on the ball . first off they made more than two touches on the ball which helped the liverpool players because it game then the time to close them down and limit their offense .  the time you spend on the ball allows the opposition player to close you down . gaurdiola should had asked his players to move the ball crisply . secondly he wasnt able to bring de bruyne in the game who slipped henderson twice in the first half . the second problem was that for city was that they were taking the ball wide but they were not able to work the ball inside which liverpool were able to do with ease. the problem with this is that city had aguero upfront so he cannot win headers against lovren and kavlan . the crosses had to be on the floor but man city were just putting aerial crossess . man city's problem was that they just couldnt work the ball from wide areas and cause liverpool problem . liverpool made them cross the ball instead letting them pass the ball and bringing it in .
man city in the first half tried to play some long ball's to aguero to release him behind lovren and kavlan but then that's what the opposition wants because they could defend that pretty easily since they could see the ball coming but ball's being played in close quarters are harder . in the second half he changed the things by moving silva in the middle and de bruyne wide . he could have done that even in the first half when he could see that they were not able to get the ball to de bruyne and de bruyne not able to take proper positions to make himself available for the pass . i think he had instructed de bruyne to play high up the pitch just off aguero but never saw de bruyne go beyond aguero .

liverpool's pressing had dropped and the intensity that was in the first half wasnt there and city were finding spaces to work the ball and they were moving the ball better in the second half with not many touches on the ball . but city were not able to penetrate liverpool's defense and the problem continued till the end.
 to be honest silva has better game head than any other players in the team ( on 53rd min when sterling had taken the ball wide and deep and his only option was to cross it silva was the only player who making darting run the box while it should had been agauero . secondly i didnt expected gaurdiola to take so much time to change things . second thing is that why wasnt he asking his players to move the ball faster in the first half .other thing is that there no great movement from his players . man city severly lacked pace and gaurdiola would had noticed it with fernandiniho and toure coming off second best in one on one exchanges. liverpool play the same formation but just look at their offense . whenever firminho drops deep there is mane or lallana who would take his position offering themselves as the outlet and a threat who can be released on the goal . i never saw this in the city offense . gaurdiola has to look at the offense and this game but he has been made to look like an ordinary coach and his image taking a hit .