Monday, 23 January 2017


on saturday city played spurs . the first that i had to say that the result had been very kind with pochettino or else had they been poor then his style and tactics would had been questioned . people never ever question winners tactics because its a result oriented business . nobody questions your tactics till they are getting the result and it doesnt matters as to how you get them . if you had looked at the last two big games for spurs then you would see that they had been very poor . against chelsea they scored two goals and those were the only two shots they  had on goal . even in this game against man city they had been extremly poor and they lacked the clinical finishing that good teams have . the most important stat that needs to shown is the amount of time that or the number of touches that man city had in spurs 18 yards box . gaurdiola rightly said that city didnt deserved to draw this match but having said that you need to finish what you create and not a gift from the opposing goal keepers to make mistakes and give you a gift . how many times sterling and aguero had the chances and they messed up . you are to finish in a match not produce a save from the goal keeper ( i wont comment on the sterling penalty shouts . i think he deserved two . ) .
city started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation with sane being bought back into the team and gaurdiola  trusting him from the arsenal game . spurs started the game with their 3-4-3 formation a formation which had served them well in the chelsea because even though they had been lucky against chelsea but still they had stopped them . the only time that spurs had the ball in the first half was for the first 5 min and that too with their best player that been this season that is dembele . the spurs formation was a bit of a mess first off the the fullbacks were suppose to be high up the pitch but on the very first counter attack set the tone of the game  . city bought the ball from back to front just like counter attack and the front three made diagonal runs and created the first city chances . i think here gaurdiola released as to what he needs to do and how city should play . first off spurs back three are never ever going to match up against city's front three on the floor . firstly spurs back three dont like to come out of their positions and they like to let the opposition player come out on them and defend rather than coming out of the defense . secondly if the fullbacks play high up the pitch then there is space on the wide which can be exploited by opposition and if the centre backs are too much spacious then the space between them can be exploited ( will explain in the figure ). so compared to last match city's fullbacks were quite disciplined compared to the match against chelsea . the main thing was that city had numerical advantage in the middle of the park . they had three players in the middle of the park compared to spurs two . city just didnt want to get in the midfield battle instead they just fed the ball to the front three and started the attack quickly .
the other fator was that spurs were playing quite a high line trying to congest the play and close  city down but they didnt had the necessary formation . first off the fullbacks were trying to protect the space besides their centre backs which was leaving the too much space open in the middle of the park opened and even though dembele and wanyama are good players but they had too much of space to cover in the middle of the park . pochettino spotted this but for this he took about 30 min and changed the formation . he changed it from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3 when he bought dier in the middle of the park to support wanyama and dembele . the half ended with city having the upperhand but failing to find the net . 
i had earlier said that spurs had  not been able to bring kane into the game or play through him . the trouble in this game was i wasnt able to determine as to what role he had in this game was . he was in the front three but i just couldnt determine his role . the first thing that spurs lacked was they lacked a good no.10 who would link up between  the midfield and front three . the trouble is compared to a 15 or 20 yard pass the 30 or 3 yard pass  comes late and is a bit difficult to pass on one go . the most important thing was that because of this the city's centre backs could close down kane whenever he had the ball . city wanted to stretch the game by playing the 3-4-3 formation but the trouble is that they are not able to bring the ball from wide to centre of the park they are taking the ball wide but are not able to bring it inside . they are just crossing the ball and that's the offense they got . in the second half pochettino bought kim in place of wimmer in trying to have some pace on the outside but spurs just couldnt use him . spurs were good for hardly for 10 min in over 90 min and were lucky to draw the game and to be honest pochettino needs to questioned for his tactics even though when he is having some decent results .

 the difference in between city and spurs can be seen with the amount of interceptions or fouls that were committed against the forwards . they are committed when the opposition tries to close down the player and it show as to how close kane was monitored by city compared to aguero by the opposition defense . the other highlight had also been the number of touches that kane had on the ball these does shows spurs inability to work the ball to him and bring him into play .  i will say again but pochettino will have to go back to drawing board or else the failure might just catch him .