Thursday, 19 January 2017


on sunday man utd played liverpool . mouriniho described the game as at times boring and not entertaining . but then if he making such comment then i think that he is the one to blame . in the first encounter i can understand that he getting the know how of the team and the players but i think that this time its different he now knows the team better with the players and the formation that needs to play . so if he is now getting the best out of his players and he is not able to improvise on his tactics then i think he is the first one who should be criticized . i had already said that jose needs to reinvent himself as an offensive coach who's team terrorise others .
man utd started the game with 4-3-3 formation which they had been using in all the games. while liverpool too play with the same formation . liverpool had a game plan they executed it far too well and it can be summed up by the distance that they covered in the match . they out ran utd by over 10 km and their work rate can be summed up from that . both team like to play on the counter attack but here liverpool were the one who can be said were waiting for utd to come up the pitch and then close them down and hit them on the counter . although on the offensive front liverpool coundnt conjure anything decent but they atleast kept utd at bay who had better players on cards than liverpool on the pitch . 
as i had said in my earlier post that utd's offense is one dimensional . there are three or four ways that utd try to open up opposition defense . they are dependent on matial's ability to run on opposition's fullbacks and try to work from there . secondly is releasing mikhitariyan behind opposition defense through zlatan or using valencia's pace wide on the right flank . the trouble with utd is that other than this they are not able to think anything else . to be honest i was amazed at liverpool's team selection as if they lured utd in a trap and utd just walked into that . liverpool played young arnold against martial and jose thought that martial could just exploit him and he saw most of the ball but liverpool just let him have the ball and then just closed him and bogged utd's offense . liverpool had a good game plan they played a decent high line and whenever they the ball came beyond in their half they just closed down utd and utd too helped them up with certain players like pogba and martial spending too much time on the ball and making it easy for liverpool to close them down and just sabotaging utd's offense.
i was watching the game and ferdinand and michael owen were the expert's and they asking for rashford to be bought on. now ferdinad and owen didnt had the balls that utd should sub ibramovic and bring rashford in his place . utd main offense is try to play through ibramovic but on sunday he was total failure in terms of offense . he kept the centre backs occupied but just like in the reverse fixture he was kept in the pocket by loveren and was kept quite . the trouble with utd's offense is that if ibra is not effective then they are not able to conjure any great offense .
liverpool got in front from a gift by utd's record buy who really lacks complete understanding of the the game . in the second half utd bought rooney on the pitch in place of carrick and changed the formation to 4-2-3-1 but utd failed to break through liverpool's defense . utd's last through of dice is to bring fellaini and hit long balls . kloop had criticized utd's approach but then its a part of the game and we had seen at how effective that was in the everton game when stones couldnt deal lukaku . so kloop criticizing it is not that correct . to be honest liverpool were better team on the pitch for the whole 90 min because they could move the better .they worked hard they had a better game plan and executed it very well .
as i had said that both owen and ferdinand didnt had the balls to say that jose should sub zlatan . utd like to play though him and look at the number of touches that he made and times they were effective plus the movement that he had done over the pitch . look at the touches that he has made and the distance that he has covered . even in the first game he wasnt that effective and should had been subbed . the opposition can play a high line if zlatan plays upfront because he hasnt got the no more to run behind them . i think jose is here to blame for the way he would had instructed zlatan because had he told him to go wide and run channels and stretch the back four and try create space in the middle . jose had to go to plan B if the plan A is not working the opposition will always try to stop him and its your job to outdo them .
the other aspect of utd's attack is the positioning of martial .just look the touches that he had made and his starting position . yes he is stretching the offense and he likes to have a start just like messi to get into full flow . the point is that i want him to recieve the ball 10 to 15 yards high up the pitch and then try to run on the defenders this way he has the option to cross as well as run on the defenders which makes his more lethal .
i had once read a line about steven gerrard by arrigo sacchi and i think it perfectly fits to pogba. he said that gerrard is player with tremendous technical ability but very little tactical know how of the game and game reading . after watching pogba i think it fits perfectly well to him . for him mouriniho has changed the system he has given him more freedom to go forward but had shown little sense of the game . with a big price tag it doesnt means that you need to get past your opposite number or try to spend time on the ball . look at the number times he was stripped of possession . he needs to understand as to where and against who he really should try to go into a duel or play simple and keep the move going and try to take the ball upfield . i think more than anything mouriniho needs to have special sessions with him on and off the pitch and make him understand his role .