Thursday, 5 January 2017


yesterday spurs played chelsea at white hart lane . spurs won the match and ended chelsea's winning run . the first thing i want to write is that some reporters think that the people watching the game are stupid and just dont understand it and they are fools . if they are asked about to explain the game and the tactics then they will have no answer and will just talk about formations and statistics .
spurs started with the 3-5-2 formation to try to counter chelsea's 3-4-3 formation which had been successful for them for the last 13 games .to be honest to write about tactics in an english game is absurd because the pace of the game is so fast that most of the times it just goes out of the window and the ones who take their opportunities and finish it are the ones who come out of the top.
spurs started the game with the 3-5-2 formation and if you had see the last between these two then spurs had played the same formation back then also but pochettino made some adjustments to the formation and the they are going to set up. last time wimmer and dier both were playing in front of vertroghen rather than playing as a flat three which chelsea do . just like in the last game both dembele and wanyama were instructed to press matic and kante and deny them time on the ball and make chelsea from the back or pass it quick so that spurs could press them .
 both rose and walker were given the freedom to bomb forward because spurs had three at the back but to honest them going forward didnt cause any trouble to chelsea as spurs were not able to bring the ball inward or work that zone to cause chelsea that problem . rose and walker were used just to push back pedro and hazard backward but they were picked up by chelsea's wing back and spurs inability to work the ball from the wide areas just couldnt use them better . to be honest even though spurs won and the press may be lauding  them i think there offense was lacking direction and it didnt had a particular theme about it as to what they want to do when they had the ball . the major problem with spurs had been building offense around kane . they bring the ball up but after bringing it up in the final third  they just dont know as to what they need to do and how they are going to open the opposition . 
spurs scored two the goals came from same flank or in the same way . i had been saying that if chelsea are going to get troubled them it from their left side because alonso is that express and secondly cahill prone to make mistakes and thirdly hazard doesnt like to stride back and do the defensive job . walker was high up the pitch so alonso was concerned about him since he had already shown the inclination to come inside and try to score . cahill doesnt likes to come out of the defense but stood there just in case eriksen wants to come inside so to stop him . kane was marked by luiz and azipilicueta  so it left alli at the back post with moses more keen on marking rose rather than taking his natural position besides azipilicueta . both the goals came from the same position with same type of cross and from same players . the goals were not that they were carved up but because a good player could spot the chance and produce good cross . to be honest besides these two goals there were no occasion when spurs troubled chelsea .
whoever thought that chelsea were poor then they should rethink again . but one thing was certain that chelsea will have to have plan B and when there plan A doesnt work they will have go to that track quickly . chelsea like to play on the counter attack and their attack is simple with costa dropping deep to collect the possession and he and hazard like to combine together with pedro running beyond the back four . in the earlier game costa was man marked out in the first half . in this game it was not so Alderweireld wasnt coming out of the defense to close him down because he was aware of the danger of pedro's diagonal runs . the first thing that spurs did was that they kept on dropping deep to make chelsea more of the grass . secondly they made sure that chelsea passed the ball back and for that they pressed hard  . the back three were much compact and most importantly spurs fullback had better defensive discipline than chelsea which saved them .
the  trouble with both teams is that both teams forward are just not playing as the pure no.9 who are goal poachers and who are ready to pounce on the every  ball that is crossed in the box . both costa and kane drop deep and allow runners to go beyond them and at times when it is wanted of them to be in the box at the end of the cross they are just not there . it was evident when  vertonghen came forward in the 3rd min and kane just didnt sprint up in the box to make himself available for the cross . same can be said about costa who didnt sprint for alonso's cross . another thing is the spat between costa and pedro . i think costa had all the right to feel aggrieved about pedro because it his role to make diagonal run and try to get the move going and make things happen . its not expected of him to hold his run and wait for the cross . i think costa was correct to feel aggrieved and conte explainng pedro his role better .
chelsea may have lost but still they got a valuable lesson and should make them better and spurs even though won i think pochettino still needs to go to the drawing board and work on his offense and get kane to be involved better .