Monday, 27 February 2017


yesterday ath mad played barcelona at vicente calderon . the first thing that you notice is that something is not correct with barcelona . you can see by the body sign that and the most important thing is that you have the best player in the world but you are not able to bring him in the game let alone play around him or base the offense around him . for the first time in my life from the days i had seen messi playing i saw that he wasnt that interested or that something was wrong with him . if you had looked at the PSG game then you would had noticed that messi is the one who took the blame for the PSG game but then it should had been luis enrique who should had been questioned and if you are barcelona then you primary aim is the UCL and if this is the kind of football they are playing then i dont see any reason that they can come back in the second leg . if i was to speculate then i would say that messi may be playing somewhere else next season .
ath mad started with a 4-3-3 formation they had the same personal but they changed it from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 and bought saul and koke in the middle of the park to support gabi . while barcelona started with a 4-3-3 formation but in actual they were playing a 3-5-1-1 formation with messi behind suarez . luis enrique may have tried to bought  a page from gaurdiola's tactical formation but to execute is another thing . i dont know what he wanted to on the right hand side by bringing sergio roberto in the middle of the park and having rafiniha wide . even in the PSG the whole offense was based around neymar and the ball was finding way to his feet to start the move .
we all know how athletico like to play they like to sit back tight get players behind the ball and the hit on the counter . ath mad took the game to barca with trying to press high up the pitch and hit them on the counter . there were two things that bugged me first thing for barca . barca were suppose to start their offense through neymar who was wide on the left flank in a bid trying to stretch the offense and then work things from there . his positioning was that off a fullback who was high up the pitch . secondly if we take that positioning in to reference that he was trying to draw out vrisalko from his position and then  suarez using that space but then the ball had to be moved quick . secondly why does neymar start dribbling ball from such deep positions . instead first off his starting position should be way up ahead and if he is receiving the pass deeper then he should just pass the ball around and take it upfield and then start dribbling . the trouble with barca was that they didnt had a player around whom neymar can play or i think barca wanted to create space for neymar to dribble but ath mad play very compact and enrique should have understand the situation and made the necessary changes . in the entire first half only once did suarez made the run in the space left by vrisalka and created the chance for messi . even though barca had the lion share of possession as shown by the stats but they were never comfortable and the attack looked one dimensional and if you cannot bring the best player in the world in the game then the attack has no sense .
ath mad like to play on the counter and they like to take the ball from back to front very quickly . but the trouble is that at time they just simply give the ball away in trying to take the ball away from back to front . they have got good ball players in the team and at times they can just keep the ball and pass the ball around and be patient . they are good at moving the ball and playing out of the pressing . in this match if you had looked then you would had seen that when they were patient and moved the ball they were far more effective and were able to create chances and were able to put barcelona in trouble .
one more important thing about barcelona is that when barca are on defense and i had said this thing in my take in the game versus PSG . both iniesta and rafiniha are high up the pitch but both lack the positional discipline when they are playing in the middle of the park that is needed . if you look closely then they dont get along busquestus and many a time there is a space besides busquestus which can be exploited and iniesta lack the positional discipline that is needed .
messi may had scored the winner but he looks far from happy in this game . the trouble with barca is that messi is not the man making decisions but he is the one who is taking the blame and criticized for the defeats . i think pogba's transfer fee will be peanuts in front of messi's which can happen if the things continue in the same way .