Thursday, 2 February 2017


on tuesday liverpool played chelsea at anfield . it looks like the title is chelsea to loose . in this game conte was a little sceptible about the defensive side of the game and that is why he went of willian instead of pedro and for me that one change put chelsea on the backfoot . secondly i was really amused that since conte is a such a good tactician but how he failed to spot that he was getting outnumbered in the middle of the park and he should had done something about it . even though liverpool press it still leaves spaces behind the back if you can get around the press and whoever plays football do know that if they can pass the ball crisply then they can exploit that pressing and put the opposition on backfoot . 
chelsea started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation but even though it was 3-4-3 on the paper it was more of 3-5-2 formation with willian dropping back to cover for moses . liverpool started the game with their usual 4-3-3 formation . liverpool started the game with their usual high pressing game . the one that was in liverpool's favour was that they had three in the middle of the park vs two and the main thing about liverpool is that their wide players keep dropping in the middle to support their midfield in pressing the opposition and getting the possession back . in the first half liverpool kept on playing balls from flank to flank in a bid to stretch chelsea's defense and create space between then so that they can be exploited but the one thing that liverpool lacked for the whole game was the no.10 if you looked at the liverpool formation . they didnt had a single player between the lines who could dictate the offense and attract the offense towards him and create space for others . either the liverpool players were in the middle or trying to get beyond the chelsea back line . secondly chelsea play very compact and they dont offer much space between the lines when the ball is ball is bought around the 18 yard box . they defend with numbers and work very hard to close the opponents . liverpool also lacked a proper no. 9 who could really stand in the box and asked the balls to be delivered to him ( not struddige ) . in the first half even though liverpool had the lion shared of possession in the first half they really didnt troubled courtious much only for wijnauldum testing him from distance and others being ineffective .
diego costa's game touches
chelsea took the lead in the first half because of the free kick but to be honest they lacked any cutting edge . as i had said in my previous post chelsea play through costa but against liverpool he was closed very quickly and matip had him in the pocket and you could look from the stats . chelsea's main weapon had been pedro's off the ball running where on he run's beyond costa and stretches the defense and creates space for others to explore and he had been one of the major reason for chelsea's success this season . conte dropped him for willian who is more conservative and spend little too much time on the ball allowing the opposition to close him down. offensively chelsea had the worst game after their amazing run . they just couldnt get the ball near liverpool's box and should be happy about the point .
in the second half kloop changed the approach on offense . he had sensed that he didnt had enough players in the box if the ball is crossed so instructed wijnauldum and can to get in the box more and try to be at the end of the cross . the first chance that liverpool created in the second half was when they took the ball from back to front very quickly and they had their first  clear chance of the game . now liverpool equalised the same way that spurs had scored their goals against chelsea and it did showed again moses's positional lack of discipline on defense . moses like to get forward as quickly as possible whenever the ball gets  forward . the second  offensivetactical  positional change that klopp had made is that he had sent milner forward and if you could see then milner just headed the ball in the dangerous area where wijnauldum scored the equalizer .
although klopp made the changes but chelsea made the necessary adjustmest on defense and i stopped watching the game on 75th min because it was 3am in the morning . last but the best but jackie chan nailed indian dance . he took the same joy that we have when we dance and it can seen from his face .