Monday, 17 April 2017


yesterday man united played chelsea at old trafford and defeated them . although many are saying that this is one of the finest man utd perfromance this season under jose mouriniho but to be honest the tactics were the same as it was in the FA cup tie but  just look at the change what a player makes to the situation . we had already read that gaurdiola had talked about tactics with the chess grandmasters and i think compared to gaurdiola mouriniho doesnt gets the kind of admaration that gaurdiola gets . your are lauded for your tactics when you are successful not when you are not . but when you try something different and ask questions to the opposition at that time you can really see what the opposition is made of and how does it react . man utd asked questions in the FA cup tie and they had the answer . the only thing was that there they were  successful because of some help from some stupid official . coming to tactics and talk about grandmaster jose stopped chelsea in the tracks and i cannot help compare him although it may be bit farsical but with the great TIGRAN "THE TIGER " PETROSIAN " . pertrosian was known for his great prophylactic game where on he would stop the opponent in his tracks and then pounce upon his mistake . i had already said in my earlier posts  where on i had that chelsea play through three players and if you stop them then  you can contain them . well teams had already tried this .spurs had tried this first but in the first attempt they fail but in the second attempt they did stopped them and stopped chelsea's juggernaught .
whenever coaches select the team they have  a plan b in mind and selecting zouma was a part of the plan B where on conte must had known that ibramovic will be coming on for utd doesnt matters what . although gary neville had said that alonso was missed by chelsea but i dont think so . if you looked in the earlier games then most of the opposition's offense against chelsea was from left side where on alonso and cahill are there . conte too had known about this problem so in this fixture he played moses there who is much more mobile compared to alonso and can cover more grass and is better on the counter than him .
mouriniho's work was seen in the last game only in the FA cup where on he used phil jones but change that to ander herrera and you get a very different result because not only is herrera is better mobile but also makes better decisions . the game had two phases to it  . first off till lingard on the field because till that utd played a very good forward game and pressed chelsea and caused them to make mistakes and had better possession off the ball and controlled tempo of the game . after lindgaard went off utd sat back and soaked up chelsea's attack and saw off the match .
utd had rightly judged that if you stop chelsea trio then you stop chelsea . i think mouriniho too special sessions for this first off  united were very alert whenever they lost the ball . atleast herrera and darmian and one of two centre backs in whoever's zone costa was . just as utd loose the ball these playes would marking these three players on the goal side and tracking their runs . first off utd didnt gave costa any time and space on the ball and one of the centre backs came out of the defense to mark him . secondly in the FA cup tie there was a considerable space between the jones and smalling for hazard to twist and turn and wiggle jones off his back . in this fixture utd just closed the spaces and till lindgarrd was on the field they pressed chelsea heavily and came away with the ball most of the times . mouriniho played with two striker's and he prefferred to have pace rather than a big striker and work rate of both these players was very excellent .  
conte had taken away the responsibility for this defeat and he is correct about that . chelsea are playing through plan A but what about plan B . when the plan A was failing at the same time he should have had something up in te sleeve to surprise utd but he had nothing . he had tied matic and he doesnt lets him get off inside the box . there are no midfield runners from chelsea who would get beyond costa or that he would control tempo of the game when they have the ball . for the first half he was just thinking and should had just prepared for it and he was more dependent on hazard's quality rather than planning tactics accordingly .
the only player i was disappointed in the united lineup was pogba . big players come in big games and here he had the chance to show his quality accordingly and he should had controlled the game better and should had shown his worth . i was especially disappointed with him when lindgard was substituted and he was given the chance to go and join ibra on the offense . even though man united won but still they are far from concincing to be a good team and a lot of there is to be desired .